November 12, 2021

Sponsored Products Tutorial : How to promote Amazon products

Sponsored Products ads are very popular with Amazon Sellers. However, many beginners in the field of Amazon advertising do not know what things they need to consider when creating an advertising campaign. To help you out a bit, we've put together a Sponsored Products Tutorial in which we clarify everything important. To start, we'll go over the most important features of Sponsored Products. We'll also shed some light on the role of reports and good optimization. If you are interested in other forms of advertising besides Sponsored Products, you can find a Sponsored Brands or a Sponsored Display Tutorial on our blog.

What is Sponsored Products?

Sponsored Products is the classic form of advertising on Amazon. Accordingly, many Amazon sellers use this option. The associated ads appear on the search results page, for example above and below the organic hits. Based on self-defined keywords and click price bids, Sponsored Products campaigns can be played out profitably. Sponsored Products ads are recognisable to customers by the coloured "sponsored" lettering. Sponsored Products ads are especially worthwhile if you have just launched the items. In addition, the use of Sponsored Products ads can be useful if a product achieves few organic hits in the Amazon search.

Sponsored Products Tutorial

Now we come to the important part of this post: the Sponsored Products Tutorial. First, we'll show you how to start an advertising campaign. Then, we'll talk about the daily budget you need to set. In addition, we'll give you a few more tips to make sure your Sponsored Products campaign is successful.

How do you start a Sponsored Products campaign?

First, you need to log in to Amazon Seller Central. There you then click on "Advertising". In this area you can then define everything that is important for your campaign. Among other things, you need to select a daily budget. The daily budget determines how long your ads will run. We will now explain exactly how this works.

Daily budget

The way the daily budget works is that you set a certain amount that decides how often your ad is shown to Amazon users. This principle is called PPC (pay-per-click). This means that as an advertiser, you don't have to pay for displaying an ad until a user clicks on that ad. If your budget is then reached, the ad will not be displayed for the rest of the day. However, in this case you are flexible. Especially with ads that perform particularly well, the daily budget can also be exceeded sometimes, as long as this is not the case with the average budget at the end of the month. In contrast, however, you should think about permanently increasing the daily budget for particularly popular ads.

More tips

In addition to the daily budget, you can decide whether your advertising campaign with Sponsored Products should run endlessly or end at a specific time. In addition, you can specify which target group you want to reach when targeting. However, the targeting can also be taken over automatically by Amazon. For particularly successful keywords, however, it is worthwhile to design the campaign manually.

Analyze reports

To see if your campaign is successful, you can view reports. The Search Term report tells you which keywords Amazon users used to find your ad. The Targeting report tells you how well you're reaching your target audience and whether you need to make any changes to the campaign configuration. In addition, the reports provide you with information about the sales rate of your sponsored products. Furthermore, in the "Placement Report" you can see how your products are performing in comparison to similar items. You can also view and analyze all data over time. The "Campaign Report" also provides a good overall view.


You can set up a Sponsored Products campaign, launch it, and then just let it run. However, this is not recommended at all. Constant optimization is essential for long-term success. A first important tip for optimization is to increase your budget when you see that an ad is doing very well. This way you will reach as many potential customers as possible. The budget can also be set dynamically, and adjusted depending on the likelihood of sales. You can also set negative keywords so that you don't get as many clicks that don't lead to a purchase. Targeting can also be tailored not only to a specific target group, but also to products. Furthermore, you should not ignore the fact that buying behaviour can change depending on the time of year. For example, during the Christmas season or Black Friday week, there is an increase in the percentage of sales. Accordingly, you can adjust bids and budgets.

Amazon Advertising Consulting

Through many years of experience in online sales, we have acquired expert knowledge in the field of Amazon advertising, which we would like to make available to you. In addition to Sponsored Products, we also advise you on the other forms of advertising on Amazon. In our blog you will also find a comprehensive article on how you can optimize advertising campaigns.

These were the most important steps of the Sponsored Products Tutorial for Amazon Sellers. Do you have any further questions about our Tutorial or need help with Amazon SEO? Then feel free to get in touch with us. We are always ready to help you with words and deeds. Feel free to send us a message - without any obligation, of course.

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