March 1, 2023

Amazon Transparency: Authentication of products

This news article is about the Amazon Transparency Program. You'll also learn about the changes to Prime eligibility and the Prime logo this year. We also look at the qualification criteria for Prime and take a look at alternative logistics service providers. In addition, we introduce you to a useful Amazon tool.

Amazon Transparency

To protect customers from counterfeit products, Amazon has introduced the Transparency logo. This indicates that the product has been authenticated by Amazon Transparency. Participation in Transparency is possible for brands that are registered as an Amazon brand. After successful registration, Amazon displays the logo on the product detail page. Overall, Amazon Transparency offers sellers additional protection against product piracy and thus creates trust among customers.

Changes to Prime eligibility and Prime logo

In June 2023, Amazon will change the criteria for Prime eligibility and the Prime logo in selected European Amazon stores. The corresponding changes apply to all offers and sellers, including Amazon Retail. Qualification for the Prime program also depends on certain requirements. These criteria are based on a Prime customer's expectations for shipping speed and reliability, tracking, returns, and customer service.

Alternative logistics service provider for shipping by seller

Sellers who want to register their listings with shipping by sellers for the Prime program can use alternative logistics service providers. The prerequisite for this is that the shipment tracking information is transmitted via Amazon and the Prime requirements are met.

Changes in the selection of the "Highlighted offer".

The "Highlighted Offer" on the product detail page will continue to be selected based on customer preferences. However, Prime eligibility and the Prime logo are no longer selection criteria. The selection criteria are intended to ensure equal treatment of sellers and Amazon Retail.

Helium 10 Profits

Helium 10 Profits is a tool that is useful for every Amazon seller. You can use it to collect data that is important for your business. First and foremost, the tool identifies which processes are profitable for you and which are less profitable. Based on this data, you can adjust your operations and optimize them to make the most profit possible. You can also view your data over any period of time.

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