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Let your online turnover increase strongly with the American retailer giant through our german agency for Amazon Sellers. We are working with Amazon search engine optimization (SEO) as well as PPC, EBC and A+ content. Our ptimization on Amazon allows buyers to find your products faster.
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You want to make your Amazon shop to a huge success? Our optimization on Amazon allows buyers to find your products faster. If you want to present your products to the right audience, a strong presence on Amazon is highly recommended these days. It is not a secret that Amazon dominates the majority of e-commerce sales on the Internet since it is estimated that Amazon dominates more than 50 percent of the e-commerce market share – and the trend is rising.
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What exactly is Amazon SEO?

SEO on Amazon refers to the optimization of Amazon rankings. This organic improvement has a lasting effect on the ranking of products in Amazon search results. In view of the ever-increasing variety of products and the competition among retailers, the optimization of findability has become essential. Optimized landing pages (product detail pages) increase efficiency and will benefit your campaign. We will do our best to improve this point in the context of amazon SEO germany.

Follow the style guide!

The main aim is to achieve the highest ranking in compliance with Amazon guidelines. Ranking factors are influenced by search preferences: Amazon as a shop, just as Google as a search engine, is interested in the most relevant search results being displayed first. As studies have already shown, the first three results receive almost all clicks, which makes Amazon’s best rankings particularly interesting for retailers.

Content, keywords and customer service

High quality content and relevant keywords are the basis of Amazon SEO. However, the ranking factor of the Amazon search engine also takes into account the chances of success of a effective successful purchase, i.e. the possibility of making a purchase with satisfiying customer service.

What is the difference between Amazon and Google?

The search behaviour on Amazon mainly refers to products. Queries are product searches and searches for orders. Today, most customer trips start with Amazon itself, so this important platform is also playing an increasing role in searches for information.

In this regard the optimization of Amazon’s ranking is unique. Unlike Google, rankings, which have been adjusted, are often affected within minutes. On the other hand, competition will naturally intensify, as Amazon rankings can quickly lose profit positions.

Our Amazon SEO Guide as PPC Agency for Amazon Sellers

Improving the product detail pages is the first step to perfectly organize your Amazon sales. As beeing a german ppc agency we will show you how to optimize your amazon entry. This makes it easier to find your product and will increase sales.

With Amazon SEO you will benefit from improved organic rankings and product sales (conversion rates). In addition, optimized product detail pages improve the effectiveness of campaigns and discount promotions – both on the platform itself and externally. A good shopping experience for customers can contribute to increased satisfaction, which can have an impact on rating rates and average ratings.

How can Amazon’s ranking be improved?

As an amazon SEO agency we will give you a hint. On the product detail page, content quality and keyword optimization are particularly important for amazon. Product detail pages need to address potential customers:

  • sensible and personal for the product
  • meaningful product titles
  • structured points
  • high-quality product descriptions
  • high-quality and high resolution images
  • popular and relevant keywords

1. product features

Before you optimize your product for Amazon, you should look at it from a customers perspective. First have a look at the basic functions that make up your offer. In this way, you can develop more targeted sales arguments and inform your customers better.

What are the main features of the product (colour, material, etc.)? What benefits does your product offer your customers? What indicates the quality of your product? Your product detail page must answer these and many other questions appropriately. Knowledge of the basic product functions is also important to find search terms and to gain a precise understanding of the product range.

2. keyword research

Once you are familiar with certain product features, you can examine the search terms your customers use more detailed. In addition to search suggestions and competitors of Amazon, you can also use third-party-keyword-tools. A synonym database is also recommended. If several relevant keywords are found, they must be prioritized (based on search volume, competition, sales potential).

3. product title

The product title should contain the most important keywords, the brand and important product- specific sales parameters and generally not exceed 200 characters. Product names must follow the design guidelines. Amazon’s design guidelines vary by category and can be found in the seller’s resources.

4. bullet points

Highlights can be found under the product title and on the Amazon product detail page to the right of the product gallery. In addition to product images and product titles, the customer will notice what is most important. Please note that each project page requires a maximum of 500 characters of space and try to include the most important sales parameters and keywords of the product.

5. attractive product images

Products should be presented at different angles, preferably in up to nine high-resolution images. Please note that customers can immediately see the first seven product images at first glance.

Special requirements apply to the main image: With the exception of certain technical details (file format, resolution, size, color selection), the main image must represent at least 86 percent of the product and must have a white background. Watermarks, drawings, frames and texts are not appropriate.

6. product description

In the product description, you can provide additional information, especially for products of which a description is mandatory. You can also assign other keywords. The maximum number of characters for a normal product description is 2000 characters and can initially only be formatted in graphical form. However, you can use the extended product description to achieve a wider graphical representation and insert longer text.

7. relevance and performance factors

In addition to the information content of the product detail page, the Amazon ranking algorithm A9 checks the price, shipping costs, delivery time and product ratings for each search query. Merchant reviews are also of interest to customers and provide information about the expected service. Amazon’s decisive ranking criterion is: Is the product attractive to customers? As an Amazon SEO agency we have tested this extensively.

What is an Amazon Brand Store?

Registered retailers can create stores via Brand Stores and create advanced options for product and brand impressions. The requirements vary, depending on the country of origin and, for the best results, should be implemented by an Amazon agency.

There are no additional costs associated with opening a store at Amazon, but some effort is required to achieve your own ideal brand and product presentation. Furthermore, all stores are checked by Amazon before they are launched. Contact us today and learn more about the Amazon branded store! Our agency offers you tailor-made help in the form of SEO consulting and professional product optimization.

Why is Amazon SEO promising for your business?

Our proven and far-reaching SEO agency strategy for Amazon product optimization provides a solid foundation to increase your sales data. The following factors have a positive effect on your sales:

  1. customer recruitment: Many Amazon customers conduct generic searches. So they enter generic words into the search mask, e.g. “ladies’ handbags”, without actively mentioning specific brands. You can then use the results displayed to create a guide. This is an opportunity to win new customers for your offer.
  2. increased purchase probability: In recent years, the purchasing behavior of many customers has changed. Get the right results quickly and add the best products or solutions to your shopping cart – this is the device. If you include your product in the product search as much as possible, you will attract more potential buyers and increase the buying possibilities.
  3. greater reach: Amazon has 300 million active accounts worldwide and an average of 25 million unique users per month in Germany. This makes Amazon one of the best known and most popular online markets in the world. With a good ranking in the product search, you can make the most of this range and increase sales significantly. Our expertise in Amazon SEO can help you do this.

Our optimization process increases your visibility at Amazon.

If you carefully examine the product title, product description, bullet points, images, back-end keywords and optimize them from start to finish based on years of experience, not only will your product ranking improve (and the products you offer will generate more revenue in the long run), but you will also increase your sales. Your future customers will be thankful for this.

Thanks to a thorough understanding of all the features and benefits, it is therefore possible to make a conscious decision on whether to submit an offer or not. If the product maintains what it promises, the possibility of such a purchase is lower.

As a general rule, the better a product matches an Amazon user’s search query, the better its placement. In order to carry out Amazon SEO optimization successfully, we carry out various steps in our Amazon marketing agency. This includes the analysis of your previous presence on Amazon including the relevant performance factors.

What are the performance factors of Amazon SEO?

  • Sales: The higher the number of sales and the higher the ranking, the more relevant your product becomes in Amazon SERP. Many sales increase the chances of receiving an Amazon badge (for example a bestseller badge). Badges, in turn, have a positive effect on sales.
  • Click-through rates (CTR / CTS):The Click-through-Rate (CTR) and click-through sale (CTS) are important indicators for evaluating product performance. The higher the value, the more popular your product is with consumers. The ranking of the most popular products increases and tends to arouse the buying interest of the users.
  • Duration: There are many indicators that provide information about how interesting a product is for consumers. One of them is the time span on the product page.
  • Availability: If only a small amount is specified, the SERP ranking will decrease. Therefore, retailers should always pay attention to a well-functioning supply chain, especially since availability is one of the criteria, which Amazon decided to use, to include resellers in the buy box.
  • Retailer performance: If you fall short of the targets you set, we will discuss the reasons and develop measures. You also receive our advice and support in implementing these measures..
  • Sales ranking list: The higher the turnover of a product, the more often it is sold. If your ranking in the Amazon product search is too low, we as the Amazon agency will optimise your product display to significantly increase the probability of a purchase.
  • Amazon Fulfillment: Fulfillment by Amazon (also known as FBA) means that shipping and logistics are handled by Amazon for a fee. The main advantage of FBA is the trust that comes with it: When shipping is not done by a previously unknown retailer, but is provided by Amazon, customers are more likely to trust the quality of the product.
  • Product reviews: To record many conversions, high-quality, authentic product reviews are essential. These show customers reliably whether the purchase is worthwhile. Therefore, answer any negative reviews and ask questions to help Amazon (and customers) understand the quality of the products.
  • Conversion rate: As an Amazon PPC agency, we check whether the conversion rate is within the normal range. If this is not the case, we will try to identify the cause and develop a solution that will increase the conversion rate. The higher the value, the more likely it is that your Amazon Search will rank well..
  • Returns: If products are returned frequently, this may indicate that the product description does not exactly match the original product. Our Amazon Optimization Agency checks whether returns and product ads are relevant. If necessary, we provide quick remedial action.

As an advertising agency for amazon sellers & vendors  we offer comprehensive support and optimization for Amazon merchants. We promote your Amazon business with well-founded strategies and proven measures. Would you like to take full advantage of Amazon and focus on your core competitiveness? We would be happy to advise you and present our concepts to you.


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