March 16, 2023

Amazon News

Free shipping can increase the chances of being a "Featured Offer"

Customers are thrilled with the free shipping offered, which typically leads to a sales increase of up to 12.4%. This can increase the chances of being selected as a "Featured Offer". To get started, choose products with shipping costs that make up a smaller proportion of the total price. Then, you can use the free shipping option for a few weeks and test the results. No registration is required for this. Under the "Shipping Rates and Settings" menu, you can set the price to 0.00.

Present more sustainable products with the Climate Pledge Friendly program

Thanks to our Climate Pledge Friendly program, customers on Amazon can more easily find and purchase sustainable items. If your product has at least one of the certifications included in the program, you can label it with the Climate Pledge Friendly logo, which will appear in search results and be featured in the dedicated section of our store. Our new module in Seller University explains which certifications are included and how to choose the best certification for your product.

Watch this video for more information on certifications: Certifications in the Climate Pledge Friendly program. For more information on how to register products for Climate Pledge Friendly, visit the Help page in Seller Central.

Download your dashboard data in Seller Central for brand analysis

You now have the ability to download your dashboard data for brand analysis. This allows you to save the performance of your catalog search and search queries, as well as the purchase funnel of your customers and relevant queries for your brand. There are four different types of downloads available. The simple view allows you to download the report with all selected filters and columns exactly as it appears on the previous page. The comprehensive view provides a report for all your queries for the selected brand and time period.

The Amazon's Choice logo data shows you the monthly search funnel performance of your brand, with and without the Amazon's Choice logo. This allows you to see how the logo affects the performance of your catalog. This query is only available for the monthly reporting period.

In addition, you can download data on outliers based on your individual criteria. Take advantage of the opportunity to download your data and optimize your brand analysis.

Happy Selling!

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