January 25, 2023

New capacity limit at Amazon from March

This week there is exciting news for Amazon Sellers. More specifically, it's about the new monthly capacity limit at Amazon. Here you can find out when the new capacity limit applies and what this means for you. We also take a look at the new capacity manager. Finally, we also report on episode 47 of the Amazon Podcast.

New capacity limit from March

Previously, Amazon had weekly restocking limits that sellers had to adhere to. There were also the quarterly inventory maximums. Amazon is now replacing these with the new monthly capacity limit on March 1, 2023. This should allow sellers to plan better and also give them better control over their own goods. Among the advantages of the new concept is that you only have to specify a limit that determines how much you ship or store. To give you an orientation, Amazon also indicates in advance what the maximum will be in the next two months. However, these estimates are not always accurate and can also vary. Influencing factors are the efficiency of the storage capacity, its storage capacity and the employees in the logistics center. The capacity manager ensures that you can request a higher limit.

Amazon Podcast: KoRo

In the 47th episode of the Amazon Podcast, Kosta Calios from KoRo is the guest. This company is a direct-to-consumer brand that offers shelf-stable food products. KoRo sells these products primarily online and in large packages. On the one hand they have their own store and on the other hand they use Amazon or retail partners. The assortment amounts to much more than 1000 items and the company now has more than 400 employees. The turnover has also increased a hundredfold (!) since 2016. If that sounds interesting to you, you can listen to the episode on Spotify, Apple or Amazon Music, among others.

Amazon Full Service Agency

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These were the most important Amazon news this week. Do you still have questions about the new capacity limit or would you like to learn more about Amazon SEO? We are happy to assist you in this regard with words and deeds. Just send us a message - of course, completely without obligation.

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