May 12, 2021

Amazon FBA Shipping: Remissions for Inactive Offers

This week there are again some updates from the Amazon universe that might be interesting for sellers. On the one hand, it's about Amazon FBA shipping. We would like to show you how to return inactive offers. Secondly, it's about the new requirements for products in the "Small and Light" categories. Finally, we will also inform you about the Amazon webinars in May.

Returns for Amazon FBA Shipping

Amazon has announced that new settings for the automatic return of inactive Amazon FBA products apply with immediate effect. From now on, you will need to provide separate return addresses for returns from the EU and the UK respectively. You also have the option to dispose of stock that you no longer need. You can define the settings under "Manage stock". There you then navigate to "Edit stock without active offers" and then to "Edit settings for automatic actions". If you want to shorten the process of remission, you can also do this there.

New requirements for "Small and Light

In addition to the requirements for automatic returns, the requirements for products in the "Small and Light" category are also changing for Amazon FBA shipping. The changes relate to bundles, which are no longer required with immediate effect. They are also no longer permitted as of 1 June. Furthermore, a barcode will henceforth be required for each item. To always have the right code, you can sign up for the labelling service.

Amazon Webinars in May

In May there are again many interesting webinars for sellers. You can register for the webinars in advance. In addition, it is possible to view the dates that have already passed. You should make a note of the following dates:

  •  3.5. 2 p.m.: Amazon Advertising
    • Get valuable tips for your Amazon marketing.
  •  4.5. 10 a.m.: Targeting
    • This webinar is aimed at sellers who already have some experience in online business.
  •  4.5. 11 a.m.: Amazon sale
    • Here you can find out which documents you need to sell on Amazon. You can also find information on starting as an Amazon Seller in this article.
  •  5.5. 11 a.m.: Own dispatch
    • This webinar is about building your business through standalone shipping.
  •  6.5. 10 a.m.: Large supply quantities
    • Advanced sellers will learn how to manage promotions for large volumes of offers in this webinar.
  •  6.5. 11 a.m.: Pan-European Dispatch
    • This event deals with returns in pan-European shipping.

That was the most important Amazon news this week. Do you have any questions about the new requirements for Amazon FBA shipping? We will be happy to provide you with advice and support in this regard. Simply send us a message - without obligation, of course.

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