January 7, 2022

Amazon Advertising Reports: What you can learn from the results statistics

Many Amazon sellers promote their products, brands or stores with the help of Amazon Advertising. However, the success of the ads is not only reflected in the sales figures. There are many more result statistics that you can find in the Amazon Advertising reports. To help you better interpret this data, we'd like to clarify in this post what the results statistics are and what they each mean. We'll also explain what makes up our Amazon Advertising advice.

Amazon Advertising Reports: Result Statistics

The Amazon Advertising reports are used so that sellers can analyze their advertising results. The results statistics are especially important. You can find them in your campaign manager. The statistics include data for the current day, the previous day, the current week, the previous week, the current month, the previous month, the current year, and the entire advertising period.

Budget and impressions

Here you can see your budget, i.e., the upper limit for your campaign. In the result statistics, you can also see the recommended budget, which you can use as a guide. The impressions tell you how often your ad is visible. The estimated missed impressions, on the other hand, provide information about the number that would have been possible with a higher budget. If this value is far above the impressions achieved, you should definitely increase your budget and orient yourself to the recommended budget. Under smpression share top search results you can also find out how often your ad landed high up in the Amazon search.

Clicks and Expenses

While impressions are based on how often an ad appears, clicks are based on the actual number of customers who clicked on your ad. Analogous to the estimated missed impressions, you can also view the estimated missed clicks. In the expenses, you can again see the cumulative total fees.

Sales and orders

In the sales section, you can see how often a click on your ad resulted in a purchase. Accordingly, you can also get an overview of the estimated lost sales there. However, it is not always possible to obtain information about the latter, as there is sometimes too little data available. You can also analyze the orders in the result statistics.

Key figures

Let's now turn to some important key figures that appear in the earnings statistics. The ACOS or Advertising Cost of Sales provides information about the percentage of sales that is spent on advertising. The ROAS or Return On Ad Spend shows you how profitable your advertising is. You can also analyze the KENP statistics. KENP stands for Kinde Edition Normalized Pages and is interesting for sellers who sell e-books. Furthermore, you will find information on the click rate and the costs per click in the result statistics. If you still have questions about the important key figures in Amazon Advertising, please send us a short message!

New customers and units

Other useful information can be the orders of new customers. There you can see how many first-time orders you had in a year. You can also see the turnover that was achieved from these first orders. Moreover, through these result statistics, you can find out what the percentage of new customers is. Last but not least, Amazon Advertising reports provide statistics on units sold. In addition, you can see in this area how many units per order your customers have purchased on average.

Amazon Advertising Consulting

Through many years of experience in online sales, we have acquired expert knowledge in the field of Amazon advertising, which we would like to make available to you. We advise you in this context regarding the various forms of advertising on Amazon. You can find more information about these on our website.

That was the most important information that you can take from the reports at Amazon Advertising. Do you have any questions about Amazon Advertising or need help with Amazon SEO? Then you are welcome to contact us. We are always at your side with advice and action. Feel free to write us a message - of course, completely without obligation.

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