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Amazon Advertising
Whether it’s a small start-up or an international corporation, advertising on Amazon is one of the most important factors in becoming successful on Amazon and staying that way in the long term. Even the smallest budget is well spent, because advertising for products with optimized content generates additional sales and thus additional profit for you as a seller. In addition, your products benefit from increased visibility and more page views, which has a positive impact on organic ranking. Organic ranking is about the position in the Amazon search results. We therefore inform you about the different aspects of Amazon Advertising.
Amazon PPC
For newcomers to Amazon advertising, it is first important to understand what Amazon PPC is all about. Amazon PPC or Pay per Click means that you as an advertiser do not have to pay for placing an ad until a user clicks on the corresponding ad. Ads on Amazon are based on exactly this principle. For the most part, they are visible when customers are searching for specific products. But don’t worry: Even with many clicks on an ad, the price you have to pay as a seller can’t shoot up to infinity. There is an upper limit for the budget, which you can set yourself. Once this is reached, however, the ad will no longer be displayed for the rest of the day.
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