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Amazon Advertising

Whether a small start-up or an international corporation: To become successful on Amazon and to stay successful in the long run, advertising on Amazon is an important factor. Even the smallest budget is reasonable, because advertising for products with optimized content generates additional sales and thus additional profit. In addition, your products benefit from increased visibility and page impressions, which has a positive effect on the organic ranking.

Amazon PPC

For newcomers to Amazon advertising, it is first important to understand what Amazon PPC is all about. Amazon PPC or Pay per Click means that you as an advertiser do not have to pay for placing an ad until a user clicks on the corresponding ad. Ads on Amazon are based on exactly this principle. For the most part, they are visible when customers are searching for specific products. But don’t worry: Even with many clicks on an ad, the price you have to pay as a seller can’t shoot up to infinity. There is an upper limit for the budget, which you can set yourself. Once this is reached, however, the ad will no longer be displayed for the rest of the day.

Advertising forms for Amazon Advertising

There are different formats through which you can advertise on Amazon: Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products, Sponsored Display, and Stores. Below you’ll find details on each option. If you also want to learn how to create an ad campaign and how much it costs, you can find more details in this post from our blog.

Sponsored Brands

​Your brand stands above everything: This form of advertising on Amazon is reserved for brand owners. They show at least three branded products and an individual claim that can be defined by the user. This significantly raises the visibility of your brand on Amazon and allows customers to gain an insight into your portfolio while searching. We design appealing sponsored brand campaigns and place them using the most promising keywords to reach your customers in the best possible way – and turn interested parties into customers.

Sponsored Products

The classic form of advertising on Amazon: Advertisements appear on the search results page, for example above and below the organic hits. With the help of self-defined keywords and click price bids, sponsored product campaigns can be played out profitably. Daily monitoring, bid adjustment and keyword selection is essential for this. We take care of this for you.

Sponsored Display

For some time now, this advertising option has also been available as a beta version for selected Amazon sellers and enables, among other things, advertising outside of Amazon. This allows customers to be addressed specifically in the familiar Amazon design. We will be happy to advise you and set up Sponsored Display Ads for your products if you participate in the beta program with your Seller account.


Via “Stores” you can display your own brand story. This option is also free for Amazon Sellers and brand owners. Moreover, you don’t need a lot of experience to use the feature. Images and videos are available for the visual design.

Amazon Advertising Optimization

Ads on Amazon not only need to be created according to certain criteria. It also requires constant optimization in Amazon Advertising, as the dynamics can change continuously. The success or failure of ads depends on the structure of your campaign or targeting, for example. Keywords are another crucial criterion. They contribute to your products having the best possible visibility on Amazon and thus being seen by many users. To identify the best keywords, we use Helium 10’s all-in-one software. The tool suite includes several tools that are particularly useful in terms of good keywords: Magnet lets you search the Helium 10 database based on a main keyword and find the most relevant keywords that match your main keyword. With Cerebro, on the other hand, the search is based on an ASIN. However, since the two tools often output very long lists of keywords, you can use Frankenstein to make the optimal selection and then use it for your advertising campaign.

However, it’s not just about finding good keywords and inserting them once in the ad. For a successful advertising campaign, you must always check whether you are still using the best keywords and then replace them if necessary. Our keyword experts will be happy to advise you and help you find the right keywords for your Amazon Advertising campaign. With us, you stay up to date accordingly and always have optimized ads.


By the way, you should avoid throwing your entire advertising strategy overboard after just a few days without success. For precise analyses, you need to evaluate more data. There are various parameters for analysis. The click-through rate tells you what percentage of Amazon users clicked on your ad. This value should be accordingly high. The cost per click value also calculates how much you have to pay for an ad when a customer clicks on it. The Advertising Cost of Sale is the ratio of advertising costs and the resulting revenue. The conversion rate also tells you how many customers clicked on your ad and then ordered your product.

Amazon Advertising Conclusion

So all in all, there are several options for Amazon merchants to advertise: Sponsored Brands allows registered brand owners to showcase their brand, while Sponsored Products is used to showcase individual products in the best possible way. Sponsored Display also allows ads on Amazon as well as on external sites. This allows you to target customers who have previously clicked on your items but have not yet been convinced to buy. Stores also offers the opportunity to highlight your brand story and special features. Good advice is always recommended when creating ads in any of these areas. Especially when it comes to the ongoing optimization of the corresponding keywords. So feel free to write to us if you have any further questions about Amazon Advertising! With our years of experience in creating advertising campaigns on Amazon, we will be happy to assist you!

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