May 13, 2022

InVideo: Simple online video editing tool

Whether you're editing videos just for personal use or creating product videos for an Amazon listing, it's hard to do these days without a video editing tool. One of these tools, which you can even use for free, is InVideo. In this post, we'll show you which features you can access within the free version and which ones you have to pay for. Accordingly, we also take a look at the different pricing models. Finally, we go into the experiences of other customers and draw our own conclusion.

What is InVideo?

InVideo is an online editing tool that shines with numerous features. It can be used to create short product videos as well as longer movies up to 40 minutes in length. As mentioned at the beginning, it appeals to individuals as well as small and large companies. For personal needs, the free version is probably already enough. For really professional videos, you can add the additional features for a small monthly fee. Now you can find out what these features are.

InVideo Tools

With InVideo you'll have access to a video editor, of course. Besides, it lets you create intros and outros for your videos. Besides, you'll be able to merge images into slideshows or edit advertising sections. Moreover, if you are active on YouTube, there is a separate tool that lets you create intros for the video platform. There is also a tool for Instagram.

Video Editor

The video editor is the main tool in InVideo. Thus, you avoid buying overpriced software or purchasing special equipment. Working with the tool is very simple. You can use it as a video trimmer or put filters over the image. Besides, you can insert text or even configure the music personally.

Intro Maker

To captivate your viewers right from the beginning of your video, you need a good intro. Intro Maker is just the tool for the job. If you need inspiration, you can also use the numerous templates that InVideo provides. It also makes sense to integrate your own logo into the intro or to prominently feature your brand colors.

Outro Maker

Almost as important as an intro can be the outro. With the InVideo Outro Maker you can easily do this as well. Especially for companies with their own YouTube channel, the outro is relevant, because a good ending can attract new subscribers.

Tool for advertising

With Ad Maker you can edit promotional videos for different platforms. You can then place them on YouTube or Instagram, for example. Due to the high number of users on such platforms, video advertising can be an important way to increase your conversion rate.

Instagram Video Editor

Besides promotional videos, you can of course create regular videos for Instagram. This is perfect for editing stories, short video posts or reels for your page. You can also access hundreds of templates in this tool.

InVideo prices

Apart from the free version, InVideo also offers different pricing models that give you access to more features. All pricing is based on annual payments, since they are significantly cheaper:

  • Business: $23 per month
  • Unlimited: $45 per month

A big advantage of the Business offer is that, unlike the free version, you don't have a watermark in the video. This also applies to the Unlimited offer. In addition, Business offers 60 video exports per month. Unlimited, on the other hand, lives up to its name and offers unlimited video exports.

Experience with InVideo

A large majority of users are very satisfied with InVideo's editing tools. According to customer reports, InVideo has been able to meet all expectations. Accordingly, some very large companies also work with InVideo. Among the most prominent partners are Microsoft, CNN, AT&T and Dropbox. All in all, InVideo convinces with reliable tools that offer something for every area of video editing. We can therefore give it our recommendation!

This was our article about InVideo's video editing tools. Do you have any questions about the features or need help registering with InVideo? We'll be happy to help you in any way we can. Just send us a message - without any obligation, of course.

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