November 14, 2022

Black Friday: Create Amazon deals

Black Friday week is just around the corner again. For Amazon sellers, this means that they have to prepare for the event again. One way to make the most of Black Friday on Amazon is to submit coupons and Prime discounts. In this post, you'll learn how it all works. We'll first go over what coupons and Prime rebates actually are. We'll also look at the eligibility criteria for each rebate. In addition, you'll see what steps you need to follow when submitting.

When does Black Friday take place at Amazon?

Black Friday is an important event for Amazon sellers every year, where they can make big sales. This year, the Black Friday week takes place from November 18 to 28. You can participate in the event on the marketplaces in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom and submit coupons or Prime discounts. In the next section you can get some more inspiration on what you could offer.

ASIN recommendations

Before we get to how you submit coupons and discounts, we'd like to point out the ASIN recommendations we received from Amazon. In the table below you will find the respective ASINs with the corresponding marketplaces:


ASIN Marketplace
B0198F4QKW Germany
B0198F4VZC Germany
B0B1N3R85C Germany
B0198F4ZBM Germany
B0095GMT5E France
B01892HO04 France
B00C9ZFNNS Italy
B07PKQ5JBT Italy


Black Friday Coupons

With coupons, you can specify whether the discount is in the form of money or in the form of percentages. They are a valuable marketing tool that allows you to get even more out of promotions like Black Friday or Amazon Prime Day. However, you need to meet some eligibility criteria.

Eligibility criteria for coupons

With coupons, you need to make sure that you provide at least a 5 percent discount. However, the discount should be higher if you really want to increase your sales figures recognizably. Also, the eligible products must not have a rating of less than 3 stars. There is also a fee of 50 cents per clip. Both FBA and FBM sellers are furthermore eligible for coupons. Furthermore, be sure to check if there are any overlaps with other promotions.

How to submit coupons for Black Friday on Amazon

You can submit coupons at very short notice. Indeed, this is possible even one day before. The maximum term is 3 months. To submit you need to click here. There you will find the button "create a new coupon", where you can again specify your ASIN. After that, still set a discount and give your coupon a title. After the budget limit is set, you are ready to go!

What are Prime Exclusive Discounts?

Exclusive Prime discounts are intended for customers who already have products in their shopping cart but have not yet purchased them. They are therefore an important marketing tool during Black Friday week on Amazon.

Prime discount entitlements

For Prime discounts, the minimum discount must be 20%. The item you are offering must also be a Prime product. The reviews for you as a seller must also be more than 4 and the ratings for the product must be more than 3.5. All products must also be in like-new condition.

How to submit Prime rebates

To submit Prime rebates you need to click here. Then select "Create discount". There you can specify that it is a discount for Black Friday on Amazon. Then you can choose which products to discount and save it as well.

This is our blog post about Black Friday week at Amazon. Do you still have questions regarding the event or need help submitting coupons or Prime discounts? We are happy to help you in this regard with words and deeds. Just send us a message - without any obligation, of course.

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