January 22, 2021

Billbee: The tool for multichannel sellers

If you are an online seller, it makes sense to offer products through several sales channels. However, this often goes hand in hand with greater effort. Are you looking for a tool that supports you on different platforms? Then you should consider using Billbee. Besides Amazon, the software supports eBay, Etsy or Wish, among others. We will introduce you to all the functions in this article. We also inform you about the Billbee costs. You can also watch an explanatory video here.

The Billbee functions

The tool offers sellers a wide range of functions. These support you in selling through various sales channels. We have compiled the most important details on the respective features so that you know exactly what you are looking for.

Order processing

With Billbee you can get an excellent overview of your orders. You don't have to struggle with the individual dashboards, because the software summarises all the data. This import even runs fully automatically on all supported platforms - and in real time. If the platforms are not supported, there is an hourly update. The tool also ensures that customers are informed about important processes. This includes, for example, receipt of payment or confirmation of dispatch.  Furthermore, you can search all data for information as you wish.

Reports and evaluations

Billbee also provides you with reports on which of your products perform best or on which day of the week the most sales are made. In addition, you receive evaluations of your individual sales channels. Therefore, the tool provides you with clear graphics. Alternatively, you can also display tables. You can then use this data for further calculations.


If you want to manage your taxes and need help with accounting, Billbee has the right feature for you. Your sales tax is always calculated based on your respective registered office and the countries you sell to. This sets the tool apart from the competition. For pan-European shipments, the software also calculates the appropriate tax rate immediately. With Billbee you can also transfer your data according to DATEV specifications.

Customer portal

With the Billbee customer portal, your customers can find out about purchases. You can design the portal the way you want. You can also allow your customers to download invoices from the customer portal. Digital products can also be made available for download in this way. If you offer e-books, Billbee also secures them with watermarks.

Inventory management

With this feature you can manage your stock easily and clearly. You can determine the minimum number of goods that should be in the warehouse and the optimum number. The stock is updated after each sale so that you do not sell anything that you do not have in stock. You can easily activate or deactivate this function.

Order documents

To save you time when creating delivery notes or invoices, Billbee takes care of this task for you. This service also includes order confirmations and reminders. You can set the visual design of the invoices as you wish. For example, you can add your company logo. No matter whether you would like to have the order documents by e-mail or as a printout, the software is set up to meet your every wish. It is also possible to make them available to your customers as a download.

Automated shipping labels

With Billbee you can automatically create shipping labels for your orders. Consequently, you save a lot of time and effort. Billbee supports many shipping providers. These currently include:

  • Coureon
  • Deutsche Post
  • DHL
  • DPD
  • Easylog
  • GLS
  • Hermes
  • Komponentenportal
  • shipcloud
  • UPS

This feature is particularly interesting for multichannel sellers, as FBA sellers can use it to send orders from any sales channel via Amazon. The whole thing runs very simply via Billbee.

Merchandise management

Through this function, external items can be entered by Billbee. The good thing about this is that the software takes care of the quantity conversion and thus saves you a lot of time. This is especially beneficial if you offer products in several sizes. The tool is also useful for managing digital offers. Articles such as e-books can be easily downloaded via the customer portal. The software can also link product images directly to the respective products. If you do not yet know which guidelines you have to follow for Amazon product images, you can find all the information here.

Payment reconciliation

This feature facilitates incoming and outgoing payments. The tool only has to record the incoming payments and then determines the corresponding order. Various account types are supported by Billbee. Thus, turnover data from bank accounts can be read via HBCI, EBICS or PayPal. In addition, Billbee has already announced that Amazon Payments will soon be available. You can either start the analysis of the data yourself or let it run automatically. However, security is the top priority, which is why you only need to grant permission to read transaction data.

Billbee costs

When you register with Billbee*, you can try the software for free for 30 days. After that, the costs are usage-based. This means that you only pay for the orders you have in the month. For example, if you have 80 orders per month, you will pay 21 euros. There is also no cancellation period or minimum term. Billbee usually answers inquiries within 24 hours. If this is not the case, you do not have to pay anything for the respective month.

Billbee App

Recently, sellers have had the opportunity to use the Billbee app. This will initially only be available for Android. With the app, you can conveniently do everything you would otherwise need a computer for on your smartphone. In the app, you can, for example, view your sales or edit your order status. However, Billbee has pointed out that the app is not or is not intended to be a replacement for the website. There are no additional costs for customers when using the app. You can download the beta version of the app here.

Billbee Alternative

If you are looking for another tool to make your work as an online seller easier, we can recommend Helium 10. Helium 10 offers Amazon sellers a wide range of tools. With the Inventory Protector, you can monitor your stock, just like with Billbee. Apart from that, Helium 10 offers tools for all conceivable Amazon SEO strategies. In our blog, you can find articles on Black Box, Magnet, Cerebro or Trendster, for example.

Our Billbee experience

We have tested Billbee for you and have had good experiences with the software so far. The functions run reliably and are really a support for multichannel sellers. We can particularly positively emphasise that orders from other sales channels, such as eBay, can be sent automatically from our Amazon warehouse. Quantity conversions also work great for our own products. So if you need help selling on different sales channels, we can definitely recommend the tool.

That's all you need to know about Billbee. Do you have any further questions about the software or need help with Amazon sales? Then please feel free to contact us. We are always ready to help and advise you. Feel free to send us a message - without any obligation, of course.

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