December 15, 2021

Amazon FBA Donation Program: New rules for France

In times when climate protection is becoming more and more important, Amazon sellers are also facing changes. The regulations in the individual marketplace countries also have an impact on your scope of action. In light of recent events, we would like to discuss in this post how the new circular economy regulations in France affect the Amazon FBA donation program. Another important topic this week is order processing capacity. Accordingly, we explain the related function.

No deregistration from the Amazon FBA donation program in France

In order to ensure more sustainability, there will soon be new regulations on the circular economy in France. This also affects the Amazon FBA donation program. Accordingly, as of today, 15.12.2021, it is no longer possible for Amazon sellers to opt out of the program. In this way, the country wants to ensure that fewer products are disposed of and donated instead on a mandatory basis. Amazon decides which products in the logistics centers are suitable for donation.

"Order handling capacity" function

The function is about setting a limit for the number of orders within a certain period of time. The goal is to prevent you from being overloaded as a seller. If you reach the limit, Amazon will extend the processing time by one day. However, this extra day does not count as a delay. In practice, this means that if you have a capacity of 80 orders for which you have one day to process, you will have two days to process from the 81st order. It is very worthwhile to use the feature, as customers are more likely to be attracted to items that include fast delivery.

Instructions for order handling capacity

Especially just before Christmas, when you are more likely to sell more, you should think about setting the order handling capacity. Accordingly, we'll explain how to set the limit. First, you need to open Amazon Seller Central. From there, go to the "General shipping settings" section. Then, in the "Processing Time" section, select "Edit". You can then set your processing time. Analogously, you also set the order handling capacity.

That was the most important Amazon news this week. Also, have questions about the Amazon FBA donation program or need help setting up your order handling capacity? We are happy to help you in this regard with words and deeds. Simply write us a message - of course, completely without obligation.

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