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November 14, 2022
Black Friday: Create Amazon deals

Black Friday week is just around the corner again. For Amazon sellers, this means that they have to prepare for the event again. One way to make the most of Black Friday on Amazon is to submit coupons and Prime discounts. In this post, you'll learn how it all works. We'll first go over what […]

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June 20, 2022
Tips for Amazon PPC in 2022

In Q4 2022, there are some events for Amazon PPC sellers that can mean a real sales boom with the right optimization. When it comes to Amazon optimization, it is advisable to work with the right SEO tool. Accordingly, we have compiled some tips from Helium 10 that can help you with the important events. You can also find more on the topic in our post about the Amazon Events Calendar 2022.

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November 1, 2021
Early Black Friday 2021: Create deals on Amazon

Die Frist, um Blitzangebote für den Black Friday einzureichen ist leider schon vorbei. Allerdings haben Sie immer noch die Möglichkeit, Angebote für die beiden Early Black Friday Wochen 2021 zu erstellen. Wir zeigen Ihnen, worum genau es sich bei solchen Angeboten handelt und wie Sie selbst ein Blitzangebot erstellen können. Außerdem informieren wir Sie über […]

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October 20, 2021
Amazon Events in the fourth quarter: Black Friday and Christmas

Every year, the autumn and winter months represent a special opportunity for Amazon sellers to increase their own sales figures. First of all, there is always a large number of purchases during the Black Friday week, also in the online business. Afterwards, things get even busier before Christmas. Therefore, we show you what you should […]

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