October 20, 2021

Amazon Events in the fourth quarter: Black Friday and Christmas

Every year, the autumn and winter months represent a special opportunity for Amazon sellers to increase their own sales figures. First of all, there is always a large number of purchases during the Black Friday week, also in the online business. Afterwards, things get even busier before Christmas. Therefore, we show you what you should pay attention to before the Amazon events start in the fourth quarter. Also, this post is about the new ASIN attributes that Amazon is introducing at the end of October. Furthermore, we would like to point out the new product types and attributes again.

What to look for ahead of Amazon events in the fourth quarter

Fourth quarter Amazon events are ideal for boosting your sales. However, you need to go into the coming weeks with the necessary preparation. It's especially important that you have enough merchandise that you can ship, or have Amazon ship, in the event of a sale. You'll need to do the latter if you're an FBA seller. Accordingly, for Black Friday week 2021, your goods must arrive at an Amazon logistics center by November 5. In preparation for Christmas sales, the deadline is again December 11. Since Amazon receives a tremendous number of shipments during this time of year, you'll need to plan early for when you want to restock.

New ASIN attributes

As of October 26, Amazon is introducing three new ASIN attributes that are mandatory for all Amazon sellers. The first attribute is the net content, which can be specified for eight product types. The second attribute is the shape of the product. This attribute was previously optional. However, as of October 26, it will be mandatory for over 80 product types. For 154 product types, the number of pieces must also be specified. The attributes are intended to provide better guidance to customers on Amazon. The new rules affect the creation of new ASINs. Moreover, if you don't add the attributes to old ASINs, you don't have to worry because Amazon won't remove them in that case. Moreover, if you want to make changes, you can do so now, as the latter two attributes are already available as optional information.

That was the most important Amazon news this week. Do you also have questions about how you can use the Amazon Events in the fourth quarter or need help with the new attributes for ASINs? We are happy to help you in this regard with words and deeds. Just send us a message - of course completely without obligation.

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