May 4, 2022

New Helium 10 Tools in 2022

There are many news for Helium 10 users this year. Accordingly, here you can find out what the innovations are. Among the important topics are the language optimization of the Chrome Extension and the introduction of the Pinterest Trends tool. Also, there is now a keyword tracker for Walmart. Furthermore, the heat maps in Helium 10 Profits allow you to monitor your stock.

Chrome Extension user record

Helium 10's Chrome Extension has passed the 700,000 user mark this year, approaching one million. It is not only available in the original English language. For some time now, there have also been versions in Italian, German and Spanish. A Chinese Chrome Extension has now been added. You can find more on this topic here.

New tool: Pinterest Trends

With the new "Pinterest Trends" tool, Helium 10 users can now browse the photo platform for new product ideas. The tool can be found directly in the dashboard. If you like one of the trends in the list, you can select it and open it directly in Pinterest. You will find a detailed tutorial on Pinterest Trends in our blog soon.

Keyword Tracker for Walmart Seller

After already having a keyword tracker for Amazon, Helium 10 has now released an alternative for Walmart Sellers. Among other things, you can see how your products are performing organically. Products that you are currently promoting are also checked for you by the tool. Accordingly, the tool helps you find the right niches.

Profits Heat Maps

In the Profits Tool there are now the so-called Heat Maps. These graphically represent your stock levels around the world, so you can better visualize the current stock levels. However, this only deals with FBA inventory. You can find more info about Heat Maps here.

How much is Helium 10?

The price depends on the extent to which you want to use the software. That is why we have listed the most important offers for you:

  • Starter Plan: $39 per month
  • Platinum Plan: $99 per month
  • Diamond Plan: $249 per month
  • Elite Plan: $399 per month

The offers include all tools, but you can track more keywords with the Diamond or Elite plan than with the Platinum plan. We have another savings tip for you: With our Helium 10 code KATRIN6M20 you can save 20 % for 6 months or 10% every month! You can find all the information here*.

That was the most important information about the new Helium 10 tools. Do you have any further questions about Helium 10 or Amazon optimization in general? Then feel free to contact us. We are always ready to help you with words and deeds. Feel free to send us a message - without any obligation, of course.

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