April 8, 2022

How to ensure product compliance for Amazon Global Logistics

Some time ago we informed you in this blog about what Amazon Global Logistics actually is. Now we would like to show you what you have to consider if you'd like to participate in the program. Relevant product compliance policies at Amazon Global Logistics include, but are not limited to, item provenance and description.

What does product compliance mean for Amazon Global Logistics?

In the case of Amazon Global Logistics, product conformity means that the customs regulations in the respective countries of sale must be observed. Amazon therefore checks various information about your products when booking a transport. Accordingly, we would like to deal with these in the following.

Description of products

If Amazon asks you to describe your product before shipment, there are a few things to keep in mind. You need the description primarily for the consignment note for customs clearance. Be sure to provide brief and accurate information about your items. Otherwise the processing time can be longer. In addition, incorrect calculations of customs duties can occur. In the worst case, the authorities will even withhold or reject your products. In any case, a description should explain what kind of product is included in the delivery. In addition, information about the material should not be missing. You must also provide information about the use of the items. Also make sure to write the descriptions in English.


Regarding the manufacturers, you must note that information about them is mandatory. In the case of unknown manufacturers, you must provide information on the supplier. There you can either indicate yourself, the supplier you got the product from or the exporter.

Product origin

When it comes to the origin of the product, you must make a distinction between the country of manufacture and the country of delivery. Also make sure that you enter the exact customs codes. This can sometimes save you money. In addition, you prevent a refusal by the customs authorities. Information on the correct codes can be found at the World Customs Organization or the European Commission, among others.

Special markings

In addition to specifying the customs codes, sellers at Amazon Global Logistics have to deal with the CE marking and the EU declaration of conformity. You need this in some product categories. Among other things, this applies to toys and medical products. In special cases, you even need additional permits for certain products. If you have any questions about the individual approvals, please send us a message.

This was our contribution to product compliance at Amazon Global Logistics. Do you have any questions about the program or do you need help from Amazon Optimization? We will be happy to assist you in this regard with words and deeds. Just send us a message – of course completely non-binding.

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