July 1, 2022

Helium 10 Audience: Get feedback from Amazon customers

Both when it comes to selling as many products from your current portfolio as possible, and when expanding it, it comes down to knowing your customers well. While you can use feedback from Amazon reviews to implement new approaches, there is another way to elicit audience- relevant information. With Helium 10 Audience, you can create your own surveys and tailor them to your target audience. We'll show you how the tool works and also look at the experiences Helium 10 users have had so far.

Helium 10 Audience Features

Helium 10 Audience provides you with useful feedback from your buyers. But how exactly do you need to go about it? You can set up an appropriate survey in just a few minutes. To create such a survey, you can use the builder integrated in the Audience tool. You can choose between different types of surveys. As a result, you can use the tool to check whether your product name is at all suitable for the associated articles. You can also have product descriptions rated in surveys. In addition, you can, of course, get opinions about your logo. To get answers to your questions, Helium 10 Audience draws on a pool of users. These Amazon customers then provide you with their opinions. The participants for your surveys are selected to match your own customers on Amazon. For example, you can set what age the target audience should be. You can also specify which preferences the participants have.

Duration and price

If you want to know how long it takes to conduct a survey with Helium 10 Audience, you can rest assured. The tool allows you to get quick results that include all the important details at the same time. For better targeting, there are also justifications about what your customers want. Now let's move on to the price. You pay $50 for 50 responses from a survey, and then you have to add a bit more for further upgrades. As a result, you can, for example, increase the number of respondents or configure the specific target group information even more precisely. By the way, you can find information on how to save with Helium 10 here.

Helium 10 Audience Experience

An example of positive experience with Helium 10 Audience is YES Bar. The company sells vegan bars. When business was less good, they came up with the idea to test new product images with Helium 10 Audience. To do this, use the 50 respondent option mentioned above. After the survey resulted in a clear result in favor of one image, YES Bar's Amazon listings were adjusted accordingly. After just 14 days, the company increased its profits by $3,400. Meanwhile, the survey with Audience cost only $85.

That was our contribution to the Helium 10 Audience Tool. Do you have any further questions about Helium 10 or Amazon optimization in general? Then feel free to contact us. We are always ready to help you with words and deeds. Feel free to send us a message - without any obligation, of course.

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