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A+ content offers sellers the opportunity to present their content perfectly tailored to the product. Specifically, this means additional and text passages, which can be combined with each other. Amazon places these under the bullet points and the product description. Since most customers quickly look for reviews and feedback from other customers, the A+ content at the bottom of the product detail page quickly catches their eye. Sometimes Amazon customers already feel more attracted by the first visual impression of the listing optimized with A+ content. In addition, they can find out more about a product. As a seller, you can accordingly bring your USPs (Unique Selling Points) to the fore once again. Consequently, this leads to a higher conversion rate for the corresponding items. As a result, you as a seller naturally also achieve higher sales. Compared to the competition in a certain product category, you can therefore gain a significant advantage under certain circumstances. In addition, the A+ content can also indirectly ensure that you achieve a better position in the search results.