A picture is worth a thousand words, so we take care of the right photos for your products.
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Through our partner photographer Guido Werner, we realize every conceivable photo project.
From exempted product photo, image pictures with decoration to shooting with professional models in South Africa. Anything is possible for your Amazon product images.

For successful marketing of your products, Amazon Sellers need good product images in any case. However, these must meet some requirements. Accordingly, we make sure that your images are created by professional photographers and meet all Amazon guidelines.

Requirements for your Amazon product images


The most important image of a product on Amazon first of all is the main image. The bottom line relevance comes from the fact that this image is the first thing that catches your potential customers’ eyes. In fact, in both search results and product suggestions on Amazon, the main image is the first preview of your product. Consequently, it is essential to ensure the quality of the image. Therefore, there are specific minimum requirements for product images on Amazon. So that you can still orient yourself, we have listed the general image standards:

  • Only the product you are selling may be visible.
  • Both the product and its features must be clearly visible.
  • The background of the main image should be pure white.
  • Professional photographs are also required for the main image.
  • Images or replicas are not allowed.
  • Product name and image must match each other.
  • The main image should have a minimum of 1 600 pixels and a maximum of 10 000 pixels.
  • Preferred format is .jpg (.tif and .gif are also acceptable).
  • Animated gifs, however, are not allowed.
  • In addition, nudity and sexuality are prohibited.

In the individual product categories, moreover, there are additional specifications. In case of conflict with the general guidelines, the specifications of the respective category take precedence. If you have corresponding questions about the guidelines for your product, you are welcome to write us briefly and without obligation. We work with professional photographers who ensure that your products are optimally staged. They also make sure that the guidelines mentioned above are adhered to.

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