April 13, 2022

Easy scheduling for businesses with Calendly

If you're busy in your work life or run a business where tasks pile up, organization can sometimes be difficult. That's why it's worth optimizing your scheduling. There are various providers for this purpose. Today, we would like to introduce Calendly to you. The tool primarily helps to schedule appointments online. We will also show you which advantages Calendly offers for individual users as well as for teams. In addition, we will of course also discuss the prices. Last but not least, we share our experiences with Calendly with you.

What is Calendly?

Calendly is a scheduling software that lets you schedule meetings and calls. In this way, you can save time when communicating with business partners, clients or colleagues in advance. Without a tool like Calendly, you would first have to coordinate over several mails or phone calls when a conversation would be possible. With Calendly, on the other hand, you can do this in a matter of seconds. There is even a free version. But more about that later.

Features for individuals

Calendly is not only suitable for companies, but also for self-employed people who often need to arrange appointments. Simply send a link for the appointment selection and the person can choose accordingly when the appointment suits him. There is also information in the Calendly overview about how long the appointment should last and what kind of conversation it is. Calendly also sends out reminder emails so that no one forgets to make an appointment with you. Another feature is the integration with other tools. Accordingly, you can also send invoices via Calendly. A great advantage of these services is that you will be perceived as professional by customers, so they are more likely to do business with you again.

Scheduling for teams

Of course, the project management software is also suitable for companies. You can assign different appointment options to your employees and thus control whether the appointments are short or long. You can also configure whether they should be one-on-one meetings or group discussions. All variants are open to you for this. Furthermore, you can use templates that are already saved in the planner. With Calendly for Teams, you also benefit from the integrations offered, such as PayPal. The coordination of meetings via Calendly also allows you to identify potential for improvement within your company.

Calendly prices

You can use Calendly free of charge. In this version you have access to all basic important functions. In addition, there are the following paid offers (prices with annual payment):

  • Essentials: $8 per month
  • Professional: $12 per month
  • Teams: $16 per month
  • Enterprise: individual pricing

The Professional offer is the most popular among the Calendly offers. For particularly large teams with more than 30 people, you can also use the Enterprise offer.

Calendly experience

Calendly is excellent for scheduling appointments. From our experience as an Amazon agency, this is especially true for companies. Customers are also always satisfied when they get the impression that their time is valued and appointments are organized conscientiously. Therefore, we can highly recommend Calendly if you want to professionalize your business even further.

This was our post on scheduling with Calendly. Do you still have questions about other scheduling software or need help with Amazon optimization? We are happy to help you with words and deeds. Just send us a message - of course without any obligation.

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