July 15, 2022

Create landing page for own online store

If you're an online seller looking to increase your reach to attract new buyers, you can use landing pages to your advantage. Landing pages are designed to attract users and, in the best case scenario, encourage them to buy a product or service. We will go into detail about the features of landing pages in this post. Accordingly, we also shed light on the different components of such a website. In addition, we look at all the benefits that you, as a seller, can benefit from when you create a landing page. Another important point is that you will sometimes run into problems if you try to create a landing page yourself. Therefore, we will show you how to find service providers that will help you with this very task. Finally, we will summarize the most important success factors.

What is a landing page?

Let's first answer the question of what a landing page is. As mentioned at the beginning, the goal is to land as many users as possible on a landing page. Once this goal is achieved, visitors should either absorb information or make a purchase. In no case should the page contain too many distractions or references to other pages. Landing pages with free offers are called opt-in pages, while those that are meant to encourage purchases are called sale pages.

What does a landing page consist of?

Now let's talk about the components that belong on a landing page. To ensure recognition, you should place your logo either at the top or in another visible place. It's best to link your landing page to the appropriate lettering or icon. Furthermore, you need a headline that grabs the reader's attention. You should also place a suitable image at the top. Of course, this only applies if it fits into the overall context. In addition, of course, you need a sales text if you want to sell something specific. Reviews from previous customers also always do very well on a landing page.

Why sellers should create a landing page

The first advantage of a landing page is that it is not complicated to create. Secondly, you give customers a very clear impression of your product or service. Moreover, with the right SEO strategy, you can rank a landing page well on Google and attract new customers. Accordingly, you can use all this to achieve a better conversion rate.

Hire service provider for landing page

If you are not so good at creating websites yourself, you can also hire a service provider to create a landing page for you. You can find such service providers on the Fiverr platform, for example. There are many different categories there, where you can search for experts for your particular request. Accordingly, for a landing page you need a service provider for design and creation.

Success factors

Finally, we would like to talk about the success factors of good landing pages. With regard to your brand, it is important that you force a consistent appearance. The font, logo, images, and content must create a good overall image. Also, make sure that all technical aspects work well. Long loading times tend to scare customers away and make them bounce from your site quickly.

This was our post on how to create your own landing page. Do you still have questions about how to hire a service provider for design and creation on Fiverr? We will be happy to help you in this regard with words and deeds. Just send us a message - without any obligation, of course.

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