June 27, 2022

ASIN recommendations for Amazon B2B partners

On Amazon, there are many B2B transactions in addition to normal sales. So that you as a seller know which products are in demand by B2B customers on Amazon, there is a page with ASIN recommendations. So we will show you how to access these recommendations. After that, we have a little tip for you on how you can also get new product ideas quickly and easily. In addition, there is information about the new episode of the Amazon Podcast.

ASIN recommendations

Deciding which products to sell B2B on Amazon is sometimes not so easy. In addition, demand can also change depending on the time of year. For such purposes, Amazon has an ASIN recommendations page. The page contains a list of products that are bought very frequently by Amazon business customers. Here, you proceed as follows:

  1. For the German marketplace click here. For the English marketplace, again click here.
  2. Then download the ASINs from the recommendations that interest you.
  3. After that, all you have to do is search for the ASIN in the catalog.
  4. You can then use these to create an appropriate quote.

Product research with Helium 10 Cerebro

Moreover, if you need further assistance in finding new products for Amazon sales, we can recommend Helium 10 Cerebro. The tool will help you come up with new product ideas, guaranteed. Moreover, with our Helium 10 code you can save 50% for the first month or 10% every month! You can find all the information here*.

Amazon Podcast

There is a new episode of the Amazon podcast "Entrepreneurs of the future. In it, Amazon sellers talk about their experiences in online sales. There are now already 31 episodes. In the current edition, Jan Carlsen from the brand "Bächlein" is a guest. In just a few years, he has built up a company with several employees. In addition, his product portfolio already includes about 90 articles. If you want to learn more, you can find the Amazon Podcast on Spotify, Apple, Amazon Music or other popular platforms.

These were the most important Amazon news this week. Do you still have questions about the ASIN recommendations for B2B products or would you like to research articles with Helium 10?* We are happy to assist you in this regard with advice and action. Just send us a message - of course without any obligation.

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