February 24, 2023

Amazon sellers: profits rise despite rising costs

A recent study by Jungle Scout shows that the majority of Amazon sellers - 89% to be exact - remain profitable in the face of rising costs for merchandise, shipping and advertising. What's more, 37% even report that their profits have increased in 2022. This underscores the resilience and strength of the e-commerce industry compared to other sectors of the economy. In this post, you'll learn all about current trends for Amazon sellers.


An interesting first trend is that 1 out of 2 Amazon sellers were impacted by an economic crisis when they decided to start their business. This is a testament to the ability of entrepreneurs to create opportunities from challenges and make their dreams come true.

Social media advertising on the rise

More and more sellers are using social media platforms to promote their products and strengthen their brand. PPC advertising on e-commerce platforms remains the most common marketing strategy. However, it is encouraging to see that 41% of sellers are now using social media, which is an increase of 15% compared to last year.

Popular platforms

Video-oriented platforms such as TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube are particularly popular. Video content has accordingly proved particularly effective in arousing the interest of potential customers and leading to a purchase decision. Sellers who use social media can also present their products there in an entertaining and creative way that goes down well with target groups.

Expansion on Amazon and beyond

In 2023, half of all Amazon sellers plan to expand their presence on other e-commerce platforms. This is an opportunity for sellers to increase their visibility and attract new customers. In addition, 50% are interested in new global marketplaces to further grow their business and expand into international markets.

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