April 4, 2022

Amazon Launch Pad: Sales program for start-ups

You have founded a start-up and would like to use Amazon to expand your customer base? Then the following sales program might be suitable for you: Amazon Launch Pad supports sellers in launching and growing their business. In this post, we will show you how the program works. We'll also cover how to apply for Amazon Launch Pad. In addition, we took a close look at possible additional costs.

What is the Amazon Launch Pad program about?

In the program, Amazon primarily promotes sellers whose products are innovative or stand out due to their sustainability. In addition to start-ups, smaller companies can also apply. To date, several thousand companies have participated in Amazon Launch Pad.

Benefits of Amazon Launch Pad

A first advantage of Amazon Launch Pad is that you are accompanied by a dedicated manager as you grow your business. This helps you to fully use the potential of your products by identifying possible weaknesses and realizing growth opportunities. Communication is also digital, so there is little additional effort for Amazon sellers. Second, Amazon Launch Pad gives you access to exclusive selling tools. The tools make it easier for you to work with A+ Content, for example, or help with Amazon Advertising. In addition, you can present your brand in various retail shops across Europe. Amazon will also contact you about upcoming special offers that you can use exclusively. All of these advantages will help you to establish yourself in Germany and other countries in the long term.

Experiences from other sellers

Among other things, Amazon sellers who have used Launch Pad emphasize that the program enables them to present their brand better. Accordingly, you come across as more authentic to customers. Others point to a growth of more than 100 percent since using the program. Many also point out positively that you are always in contact with experts.

Application and fees

When applying, it does not matter whether you are already a seller or not. All you have to do is fill out a form. There you have to answer, among other things, what kind of goods you sell. Also, Amazon will ask you if you have your own brand or if you resell something. Information about your company and your website also follows. You can find the form here. You will then receive a response from Amazon within the next 10 days. Fees apply to Launch Pad as you have to pay the normal selling fee. There is also a gradual fee, which is 5 percent for each product.

Alternative: Amazon full service agency

In addition to one of the various sales programs from Amazon, as a newcomer you can also get advice from an agency: As an Amazon full -service agency, we help you with the optimal creation of A+ content for your Amazon presence. We also support you in working with advertising on Amazon. For a better assessment of your current situation and an assessment of your competition, we also carry out market analyses . Here you will find an overview of all our services .

That was our post about Amazon Launch Pad. Do you also have questions about the program or would you like to learn more about our services as an Amazon full -service agency? We will be happy to assist you in this regard with words and deeds. Just send us a message – of course completely non-binding.

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