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August 19, 2022
Why you shouldn't waste any time when it comes to Christmas sales on Amazon

"Christmas time? It doesn't start until December." This assumption may be correct for many areas. For Amazon sellers, however, it represents a fallacy. At worst, it means you miss the opportunity to maximize your profits before Christmas. The truth is that the Christmas season starts much earlier. Accordingly, we explain to you when the Christmas sales on Amazon really start. Apart from that, we have collected some important tips that will help you maximize your sales.

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October 20, 2021
Amazon Events in the fourth quarter: Black Friday and Christmas

Every year, the autumn and winter months represent a special opportunity for Amazon sellers to increase their own sales figures. First of all, there is always a large number of purchases during the Black Friday week, also in the online business. Afterwards, things get even busier before Christmas. Therefore, we show you what you should […]

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