December 5, 2022

Sendcloud Tracking: How to monitor the shipping process

We have already informed you about Sendcloud a few times here on the MadeByBrain blog. The shipping platform is a helpful support for online sellers. In this post we will talk specifically about the tracking feature of Sendcloud. We will show you the advantages of Sendcloud tracking. We will also go into the differences between personalized and non-personalized tracking.

Sendcloud Tracking

With Sendcloud, you can easily integrate your store into the shipping platform. Tracking ensures that customers have an even better shopping experience. You can use tracking emails, custom tracking pages, a tracking widget, and a tracking API. For a better customer journey, you can send automatic delivery updates to your customers via message. Currently, this is done via email and SMS. Soon Whatsapp will be available as well. In the international space, you can send messages in other languages accordingly. Because of the continuous communication with customers, they are more satisfied with the process and subsequently more likely to want to buy from you again. You can also increase the conversion rate with promotional offers on the tracking page. By including your own social media pages, you also have the chance to strengthen your own brand. Overall, Sendcloud's tracking options can save your customers a lot of time and effort, and you as well. By the way, you can even test Sendcloud for free!

Tracking vs. no tracking

Now we would like to show you again in more detail what you get out of personalizing tracking. In doing so, we will draw a comparison with non-personalized tracking. Without it, you can't communicate as well with your customers after checkout. With tracking, you continue to communicate after the purchase. Without tracking, customers also receive impersonal communications, whereas with tracking you can proactively design them yourself. You also can't capitalize on the tracking pages of parcel services because you can't promote your brand or online store there. In turn, you can include your own logo or links to promotions in your own tracking emails or on your tracking pages.

That was all about tracking with Sendcloud. Do you have any further questions about the other Sendcloud features or would you like to sign up for a free trial? Then please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with help and advice at any time. Feel free to send us a message - without any obligation, of course.

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