May 27, 2022

Personalized packaging with Packhelp

In this article we would like to introduce you to a provider that might be interesting especially for private label sellers. It is about Packhelp. Packhelp ensures that sellers can create personalized packaging. Since this is possible even in small quantities, even small sellers who have just started their business can benefit from the packaging service. With that in mind, we'll first go over what packaging is available in the first place. Then, we'll look at design options. In addition, we'd like to shed some light on what's behind Packhelp Plus. Finally, we'll take a look at sustainability at Packhelp.


Before a product gets its own shipping box, it first needs product packaging. Depending on what kind of product you sell or how you prefer it, you can choose between folding boxes and telescope boxes for product packaging. For 1000 items or more, you can also order sturdy boxes, which also offer a wider range of colors. For special items there are also, for example, wine packaging or cake boxes.

Packhelp packaging

Shipping boxes

In the case of shipping boxes, for example, the Eco shipping box is available in 14 different sizes. Alternatively, you can also have this packaging made to measure. For a more colorful appearance with your customers, there is also the Eco Color shipping box. The Full Color shipping box is even more colorful.

Shipping Boxes

Bags and other options

If you don't want to use a cardboard box, you can also send products in bags. Of course, you can also print on these. There are even compostable shipping bags. To give your packaging that certain something, there are also labels and stickers in 12 different sizes. Furthermore, you can equip deliveries with thank you cards. Sensitive items are best packed in a bubble envelope or bubble bag.


For a plain look, there is of course the option in the design section to order a plain Full Color shipping box. However, if you want to send themed packaging, you can use Christmas-themed boxes, for example. But there are also abstract designs, with fruits or special patterns.

Packhelp Design

Packhelp Plus

The advantages at Packhelp Plus are that all packaging can be made to measure. In addition, customers at Packhelp Plus receive volume discounts and advice from experts. Customers also benefit from better prices if they work with the company for a longer period of time.


To do something for our environment, Packhelp naturally also has its own sustainability program. In collaboration with One Tree Planted, they are accordingly driving forward a reforestation project. In this way, more than 16,000 new trees have already been planted.

That was our contribution to Packhelp personalized packaging. Do you still have questions about the packaging service or need help with Packhelp Plus? We will be happy to provide you with advice and assistance in this regard. Just send us a message - without any obligation, of course.

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