December 21, 2022

New guidelines on charge categories on Amazon

At the beginning of the new year, there is direct news that is important for Amazon sellers. From January 2023, there will be a page with new guidelines for fee categories. Here you can find out what else will change from 2023. Furthermore, we will show you in this article which Amazon webinars were particularly interesting in 2022 and which ones you should watch again now.

Changes in January 2023

Amazon has announced that there will be new fee category guidelines starting January 13, 2023. In addition, the fee preview report will be updated. Furthermore, there is a new guideline on percentage sales fee refunds. In the next sections, you will learn what each of the changes is all about.

New guidelines on fee categories

On the new fee category guidelines page, sellers can find out about products in different fee categories. This way you can find the right category for your product faster from now on. The important thing to note is that each product can only be in one fee category. This way Amazon wants to make sure that there is only one rate for products that are similar.

Updated report on the fee forecast

There will soon be new info in the fee preview report. Based on this, you can find out about upcoming changes to fee categories of certain ASINs. It is important to select the correct fee category, otherwise this may have a negative impact on sales and storage fees.

Percentage sales charge refund policy

To make it easier to understand how to apply for refunds, Amazon has created a new Percentage Sales Charge Refund Policy. If you want to know what to look out for in this, feel free to drop us a line!

Most important Amazon Webinars 2022

The Amazon webinars were again very popular in 2020. Numerous sellers took part in the events and learned important things about selling on Amazon. Amazon has therefore compiled a selection of the five best webinars of the year. This will allow you to brush up on your knowledge once again or attend webinars you may have missed. Below you will find the webinars:

  • Extended producer responsibility in DE (EPR)
  • VAT registration with Taxdoo
  • Amazon Belgium - Everything you need to know about your business expansion
  • Understanding tax assessments with our partner Deloitte
  • Reopening of the European Shipping Network (EFN)

Helium 10 December Offer

Helium 10 offers sellers a very special offer in December. This allows you to save 40% on the Platinum Plan and Diamond Plan for the first 3 months. You will also get access to an exclusive webinar with Bradley Sutton. Here is the link to the Helium 10 December offer. Use the code DECWEBINAR22MADEBYB there.

These were the most important Amazon news this week. Still have questions about the new fee category guidelines or want to watch one of the 2022 webinars? We are happy to provide you with advice and support in this regard. Just send us a message - of course, without any obligation.

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