October 28, 2022

How to set up routing at Calendly

Some time ago, we introduced you to Calendly's software in this blog, which allows you to organize appointments digitally. Now we would like to go into more detail about the individual functions of Calendly. So first, we'll take a look at the routing feature at Calendly. First, there is a short recap of what Calendly actually is. After that, we'll explain why you need routing and what advantages it offers. Finally, we'll analyze the experiences customers have had with it.

What is Calendly?

Calendly is a scheduling software that lets you schedule meetings and calls. In this way, you can save time when communicating with business partners, clients or colleagues in advance. Without a tool like Calendly, you would first have to coordinate over several mails or phone calls when a conversation would be possible. With Calendly, on the other hand, you can do this in a matter of seconds. There is even a free version for this purpose.

Why do you need redirects?

When visitors are on your website, there is a good chance that they will also want to contact you. This is true both if you sell products and if you offer services on the Internet. However, each customer has unique questions and concerns. Therefore, it is important that everyone is directed to the appropriate place. On the other hand, of course, there's you and your team. Your time is also limited, of course, and you don't want to waste time advising someone who might be better advised elsewhere. It is therefore important to have a fast but above all appropriate redirection. This way, customers get directly to the right page or to the right contact person. Calendly's redirection takes care of exactly that. After a few short questions it is clear where the visitor has to be redirected to and he lands on the scheduling page for the corresponding employee.

Advantages of Calendly Routing

A first advantage of Calendly's automated routing is obvious: you save a lot of time. Besides, setting up the feature is very simple and intuitive. It will only take you a few minutes to get started. Calendly's fast routing allows you to reach customers faster and also prevents them from bailing prematurely. Best of all, you can even use Calendly for free.

Experience with Calendly Routing

Calendly customers are overall extremely satisfied with the redirection service that the software offers. Among other things, they report that the bounce rate is significantly lower since they started using Calendly's redirection. At the same time, however, the amount of work has decreased. In addition, the automatic routing to the right contact person works excellently. Based on these positive assessments, we can highly recommend the use of Calendly.

This was our contribution on the topic of routing with Calendly. Do you still have questions about the features of Calendly or would you like to test the software for free? We are happy to assist you in this regard with words and deeds. Just send us a message - of course without any obligation.

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