May 23, 2022

Comply with recycling regulations with ecosistant

For sellers operating on Amazon or another sales platform, selling internationally can sometimes be a challenge. For example, different guidelines regarding recycling apply in each country. Accordingly, it is not unlikely that you will lose track of all the requirements. We would therefore like to introduce you to a partner with whom you no longer need to worry about compliance with recycling regulations: It's ecosistant. We'll start by explaining what ecosistant is all about and why it's important to Seller. We also go into detail about the different services and inform you about the price offers. Finally, we shed some light on our experience with the company.

What is ecosistant?

ecosistant is a company based in Berlin, which specializes in consulting in the field of recycling regulations. It was originally founded as a start-up and has quickly established itself in the e-commerce sector in recent years. The calling card of ecosistant is that they offer favorable consulting regarding recyclings and thus stand out from the competition in the consulting sector. Consequently, the company does not want to help companies sell on the one hand. But on the other hand, it also wants to protect the environment in the best possible way.

Why do sellers use ecosistant?

Sellers use ecosistant when selling items in multiple countries in Europe. However, for each country you need special licenses or you have to ensure proper reuse. In addition, there are different regulations in the individual countries and before you know it, you don't even know what is actually required anymore. With ecosistant, however, this burden is eliminated and you can focus on more important things.

Do I need a license for packaging?

Now you may be wondering if you even need a license for your packaging. The answer is yes. All commercially shipped items require licensed packaging. Therefore, it is quite advisable to use ecosistant's compliance management service. This way you are covered in 30 countries in Europe.

The services of ecosistant

An important service of ecosistant is, of course, that you ensure legally compliant packaging by using it. Accordingly, you receive all the info you need for shipping. The services also ensure that you save time that you can use better elsewhere. Moreover, you do not have to dig deep into your pocket. In fact, you only pay 19.99 euros per year for one country. With continuous updates, you are guaranteed not to miss any new regulations that apply to recycling. What's more, ecosistant only works with recycling systems that are licensed by the government. The Digital Compliance Consulting works by you answering short surveys, from which ecosistant can then extract the most important info and thus tailor the services to you in the best possible way.

Furthermore, there are still instructions that help you to take action yourself. For a better overview, there is also a dashboard in which all countries and markets are visible at the same time. With the Premium Service you also have the possibility to be advised by your own manager.

ecostistant offers

ecosistant offers three different packages. In the country package, you get complete digital compliance consulting and individual information about your sales markets. The offer costs 19.99 euros per year. In the following year, it becomes even cheaper and you only have to pay 14.99 euros. The Europe package offers the best value for money. There you have access to all the features of the country package. In addition, you get the recycling info for all 30 countries available within Europe. The whole package costs 399 euros per year or 299 euros in the following year. The third option is to book a premium package. You will receive a price proposal on request. In the graphic below you will find an overview of the three offers.

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ecosistant experience

Overall, ecosistant users are very satisfied with the services. Above all, the great time savings have led most of them to work with the company in the long term. In our opinion, ecosistant is a way to ensure shipping is compliant with regulations and to do something for the environment at the same time.

That was our contribution to the services of ecosistant. Do you still have questions about the prices or need help with the registration? We will be happy to assist you in this regard. Just send us a message - without any obligation, of course.

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