February 21, 2021

Asana: Software for project management

Sooner or later, many Amazon sellers face the problem of losing track of ongoing projects. This is where Asana helps you! With the project management software, you can plan all processes from start to finish. In this article, we will therefore introduce you to the Asana functions in detail. We will also show you what the Asana app can do. In addition, we give you an overview of the prices and share our own experiences with you.

These are the Asana functions

Asana offers you numerous functions that support you in your work as an Amazon Seller. First, we would like to look at the features for project management and project reports. We will also look at the different functions for admins, the possible integrations and the communication within the team members working on one of your projects.

Project management

With this feature, you can coordinate the entire process of your projects and clarify the respective responsibilities. You can create specific lists or overviews. You can divide the tasks that come up for your employees into individual steps. These can in turn be divided into subtasks, so that no work step can be forgotten. To keep people motivated, you can set goals that make it possible to measure progress. With Asana, it is always clear who is responsible for which task.

If you also want to avoid everything being done at the last minute, you can set start dates for certain tasks. The project management feature is also equipped with forms that facilitate the work process. Furthermore, you can motivate your employees by rating tasks with a "Like". Transparency is also increased through collaboration in the software, as the entire team has access to important information. The synchronisation of tasks between several projects is also very time-saving.

Project reports

The Asana project reports ensure that you are always up to date. The timeline, which shows the progress of the project, is very useful. You can also see how the workload is distributed among your team members and where you might need to make changes. In the inbox, you also receive automated briefings on current projects or tasks. Further data can be found in the dashboard, where it is displayed by descriptive diagrams. You can individually configure accessibility for your employees. Furthermore, you will find views for the project calendar and for relevant files. Asana also provides you with a useful search function.

Functions for administrators

Administrators can create their own teams in the Asana software. In doing so, you can also add guests to work on a project. They also have the necessary permissions to restrict access to certain projects. You can also lock projects completely so that they can only be commented on. Furthermore, you can define other administrators.


Asana provides you with a simple way of communicating. For example, you can comment on tasks to give instructions. If you want to address a team member, you can do so with "@". Employees can also be set as followers of a specific post. In addition, you have the option of sending direct messages. Alternatively, you can also hold discussions in the team.


The numerous integrations that Asana offers you are particularly interesting. This allows you to connect tools with the software, which makes the overview immensely easier. These tools include Dropbox and Google Drive, for example. These integrations simplify adding files within Asana. Furthermore, you can send or forward emails to Asana. You can inform your team members about code changes by integrating GitHub. Instagantt is also very useful for the visual preparation of data. Harvest also monitors the time needed for individual tasks. In this way, you can optimise your task planning.

Asana Support

If questions or problems arise, you can contact Asana Support. The team will help you with all conceivable solutions. You will also find a lot of useful information and instructions in the manual. If you book Premium Support, you will also receive even more comprehensive advice. In Enterprise Support, this assistance is increased accordingly.

Asana App

To use the Asana app, you must have either iOS or Android on your smartphone. The app helps you to keep track of your projects on the go. The iOS version offers the same functions as the web version: you can distribute tasks and create new projects accordingly. Communication is also smooth. The Android version has even been awarded the Google Material Design Awards.

Asana Costs

If you would like to get an overview first, you can test the basic version of Asana here free of charge. In addition, the following offers are available for a fee:

  • Premium: 13.49 euros per user per month
    • with annual invoice 10,99 Euro per month
  • Business: 30.49 euros per user per month
    • with annual invoice 24,99 Euro per month
  • Enterprise: Price on request

If you are still a beginner, the free Basic Version is just right. The Premium version offers you useful additional functions and is suitable for larger teams. If you manage several projects at the same time, you should take a closer look at the Business Version. The Enterprise version delivers all the features of the Business version and adds even better support on top.

Our experience

We have tested Asana for you and can draw a very positive conclusion. The management of projects is made much easier by the software. The exact information on the progress of individual tasks greatly increases effectiveness. Consequently, individual feedback is possible for all team members. Another highlight are the integrations, which enable clear work in a single place. So if you still need help managing your Amazon projects, we can highly recommend Asana.

That's all you need to know about project management with Asana. Do you have any further questions about Amazon business or need help with Amazon SEO? Then feel free to get in touch with us. We are always available to help and advise you. Feel free to send us a message – without any obligation, of course.

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