September 24, 2021

Sponsored Brands Tutorial: Extending the Reach of Your Brand

Now that we've informed you about the different advertising options on Amazon in this blog, we'd like to go into more detail. First, let's take a look at the Sponsored Brands advertising format. First, we'll recap what Sponsored Brands is. Then, we'll clarify the key features of Sponsored Brands ads. We'll also show you the different options you have when it comes to designing them. Furthermore, in our Sponsored Brands tutorial, we will go into how to create your own campaign and how to measure the success of a campaign.

What is Sponsored Brands?

Sponsored Brands is the form of advertising on Amazon that brand owners can use to promote their own brand. Accordingly, you must also be registered in the Amazon trademark register if you want to use Sponsored Brands. The advertisements can sustainably increase your visibility and show your potential customers at first glance what your brand is all about. We would therefore like to go into the exact functions in the next section.


The advertising goal of Sponsored Brands ads is to increase brand awareness and ensure that users consider your brand and repurchase the products accordingly. For targeting, keywords are set for the ads. You can also specify categories and products. Sponsored Brands ads are exclusive to Amazon, where they appear either between search results or on a listing directly. The links placed on the ads then lead to your store, a specified URL, or a new landing page. The ad designs are customizable. Accordingly, we will show you the options available to you later. The costs incurred are billed via the cost-per-click principle, whereby you set a daily budget so that you are on the safe side.

Advantages for sellers

Let's move on to the benefits sellers can expect when running Sponsored Brands ads. First, the ads increase your brand's visibility by showing up to customers in search. Second, you can showcase your brand individually, letting you go wild with ad designs. The clicks on your ads also significantly increase traffic to your pages. Sponsored Brands ads also help drive repeat purchases of your brand.

Sponsored Brands Designs

On Amazon, you have three different options to set up your Sponsored Brands ads. First, there's the Product Collection. Second, you can come back to the option of using Stores Spotlights, though this design type is still in beta as of August 2021. Third, you can also use videos featuring your brand for the ads.

Product collection

The first option you have with Sponsored Brands designs is the product collection. As the name suggests, you can put several products from your repertoire into one ad and promote them there with appealing images. If you need assistance in creating professional photos for your Amazon profile, you can find information regarding our photography services here. The best way to show customers what your brand is all about and how your items look in use is through the images in the ads. This usually has a positive effect on Amazon customers' interest. Your product collection ad then directs customers to a page you've selected. However, Amazon recommends linking to your own store. This way, potential buyers can see directly which products your brand also includes. In addition, the up to 28 percent higher profitability speaks for this option.

Stores Spotlight

As mentioned earlier, the Stores Spotlight option is still in beta. The design is characterized by the fact that your product categories are already recognizable in the ad. The whole thing serves as an orientation tutorial for your customers. In the design, you can specify which image to display, which store page to show, and how your brand is presented. Up to three store pages can be displayed.

Sponsored Brands Video

In addition to Product Collection and Store Spotlight, you can select the third option for designs: Sponsored Brands videos. This option is relatively new. The videos that are shown in the ads can be between 6 and 45 seconds long. One advantage here is that, for example, the functionality of the products can be presented more clearly to customers. On the videos you can then link your store again. If you have any questions about creating product videos, just drop us a line!

Create Campaign with the Sponsored Brands Tutorial

Let's move on to the most important section of our article, the Sponsored Brands tutorial. First, we'll go over the first steps you need to follow. Then we'll show you how to select products and set up your ad. After that, we'll talk about targeting and setting bids.

1. First steps

At the beginning, you should be clear about what goal you are pursuing. Once you have clarified this, you can determine the name of your advertising campaign. This should not be too complicated and clearly state what you are actually advertising. You should also set a start date and an end date for the campaign. After all, you may not want to advertise your products year-round. Thirdly, it is important to define the budget of your campaign. The budget determines how long your ad can be shown before the budget is used up. So don't set it too low!

2. Select products

After you have selected one of the Sponsored Brands designs above, you need to determine which products will be part of the ad campaign. The minimum number for ad campaigns is 3 products. A maximum of 100 items are allowed. If possible, these should be in one category and have the optimal keywords. If you need help identifying the appropriate keywords, you can find information here or simply write to us directly.

3. Set up advertisement

Now you can set up the ad. You can check the progress in the preview window. The logo must meet the specifications of 400 x 400 pixels and a maximum of 1 MB. It must also be your own logo. You can use the headline to briefly and succinctly describe what makes you a brand. You can also add custom images. In this step, you can also rearrange the products you've previously selected.

4. Targeting

Targeting is all about what your ad is targeting. You have two different options here. On the one hand, there is keyword targeting. For this, you need to have extensive knowledge about which keywords fit your products. Secondly, there is product targeting, where you determine in which categories your ad will be placed. However, it's best to choose a combination of the two options.

5. Set commandments

Sponsored Brands ads are billed using the cost-per-click principle. This means that you pay for every click on your ad until your set budget is reached. You can change this budget depending on how your ad performs. You can also have it increase automatically to increase the likelihood of sales. With the so-called negative targeting, you can also address your target group more directly.

Is my campaign working?

Once your Sponsored Brands campaign is up and running, you'll naturally be interested to see if it's successful. Firstly, you can use the "impressions" for this. This includes the click-through rate or CTR of the ads. Secondly, you can refer to the new customer statistics. This data will tell you how your campaign is doing and if it needs to be adjusted if necessary. Another method is to look at the return on ad costs. However, you should look at all criteria together to make informed decisions.

Useful statistics

It's also important to know where you can actually find the data for your campaigns. First, you need to sign in to Amazon Advertising and click on Campaigns. Then go to Management and select the campaign you want to examine. Then you can specify which data you want to see in the dashboard.

Amazon Advertising Consulting

Through many years of experience in online sales, we have acquired expert knowledge in the field of Amazon advertising, which we would like to make available to you. In addition to Sponsored Brands, we also advise you on the other forms of advertising on Amazon. You can find more information about these on our website.

That was the most important information about Sponsored Brands ads. Do you still have questions about our instructions, or do you need help with the registration in the trademark register? Then please feel free to contact us. We are always ready to help you with words and deeds. Feel free to send us a message - without obligation, of course.

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