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Why is a good translation important for your Amazon listing?
Professional translations have become exceedingly relevant for success on Amazon. Indeed, poor translations lead to Amazon users perceiving you as unprofessional, which consequently can also diminish the trust of these potential customers. Accordingly, the translation for your Amazon listing should be flawless and positively impact the overall brand image. A professionally translated listing will also help ensure that your product is more likely to be sold. Most importantly, it should be immediately clear to Amazon customers what kind of product it is, what important functions and features it has, and what benefits they can expect from it. Accordingly, good translations enable a higher conversion rate on Amazon. Moreover, many customers do not primarily pay attention to the price, but to how comprehensibly the content of your Amazon listing is presented in their respective language.
What you get with us.
With our team of native speakers, we can help you translate your Amazon listing. By the way, this applies to the entire range of Amazon Marketplaces in Europe. Our team looks back on years of experience in the Amazon business and helps you optimize title, bullet points, product description and furthermore places the best ranked keywords in your listing.

First, with the right title, you ensure that customers can directly identify whether your product is for them. With the properly translated bullet points, you also briefly and clearly present what your item is all about. The more detailed product description then provides more detailed insights. Consequently, a successful translation helps you especially at this point. In addition, your customers will be able to quickly tell from the product description whether they are dealing with a translation by a native speaker or a poor, computer-generated translation. We also ensure that your Amazon listing is keyword-optimized for the entire European Amazon network. This means that your products get the optimal visibility on Amazon. Accordingly, your listings will then also land high up in the search results of Amazon users abroad.
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