Training to be able to sell successfully on Amazon. Valuable knowledge from years of practical experience, easily understandable prepared and individually tailored to your needs – that awaits you in our Amazon training and workshops.
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Whether you are a beginner or a professional: We discuss with you in advance which topics are relevant for you and set the focus accordingly. For example, as a beginner, would you like to know what you should absolutely pay attention to when creating an account? Or, as an experienced seller, do you need an update on the latest changes Amazon has made? No problem: let us know. We would be happy to train you and your employees on-site. With the help of the skills we impart, it will be easy for you to sell your products on Amazon.

Before you sell on Amazon: Market Analysis

A first skill you can train in our workshops is market analysis. This involves analyzing the market for the products you want to sell on Amazon. Another goal is also to discover niches that you can use to increase your sales. Accordingly, you can use the results of the market analysis in your sales practice on Amazon. Consequently, in our training courses you will first learn how to analyze your competitive environment. For this purpose, we give you introductions to various Amazon tools. If you have an overview of the current competitive situation, you can also make more informed decisions. As a result, you will learn all about how you should design your Amazon presence.

In addition, with the help of our workshops, you can gain insights into your competitors’ presentation, pricing, and keyword strategies. After all, a product’s keyword ranking has a big impact on how visible your products are on Amazon. Check out our blog for more posts on various Amazon optimization topics. Continue to feel free to write us briefly and without obligation if you have further questions about market analysis training or our other services.

Amazon Advertising

Whether a small start-up or an international corporation: in order to sell successfully on Amazon and also to remain successful in the long term, advertising on Amazon is an important factor. Even the smallest budget is well spent, because advertising for products with optimized content generates additional sales and thus additional profit. In addition, your products benefit from increased visibility and page views, which has a positive impact on organic ranking.

In our workshops, we accordingly teach you the basics of the various forms of advertising on Amazon. If you are the owner of a brand yourself, you can advertise products via Sponsored Brands. In doing so, you show at least three branded products and an individual claim, which can be defined by yourself. In this way, you significantly increase the visibility of your brand on Amazon and can already give customers an insight into your portfolio during their search. There is also the classic form of advertising on Amazon: Sponsored Products. Among other things, these ads appear on the search results page, for example above and below the organic hits. Based on self-defined keywords and click price bids, Sponsored Products campaigns can be played out profitably. In our training courses, we show you how to sell successfully on Amazon with Sponsored Products. Furthermore, we can show you how to advertise products outside of Amazon with Sponsored Display.
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Content Optimization

In our content optimization workshops, you will learn how to optimize your Amazon presence so that the title, bullet points and description not only appear appealing and informative to your buyers, but also contain relevant keywords. Consequently, we’ll show you how to create A+ content and showcase your brand in the best possible way. You can also learn what successful review management looks like. Ratings and reviews play an important role on Amazon in your customers’ buying decisions. An above-average number of negative reviews can have a sensitive impact on the performance of your products. That’s why continuous and targeted review management is crucial for lasting success on Amazon. Moreover, reviews are not only relevant for customers, but also provide you as a provider with valuable feedback on your products. We are at your side with software-supported monitoring and support you in all points that concern review management on Amazon.

We also teach you the basics of Amazon SEO, i.e. search engine optimization for Amazon, in our training courses. This is the basis for your success on Amazon, because only convincing content ensures first-class rankings in search results and ultimately sales. In addition, we show you how customers can gain deeper insights into your brand and product portfolio with the help of brand stores. So if you are interested in our trainings and workshops or need other support in Amazon sales, feel free to contact us directly!
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