August 27, 2021

Amazon Listing Style Guide: Putting articles in the best possible light

The first impression is also extremely important on Amazon. If you want to present your products in the best possible way, you should therefore pay attention to a few things. Amazon has created a style guide for your Amazon Listing as an orientation. In this post, we would like to introduce you to the most important points for the various components. These include your product images, title, description and bullet points.

Product images

First, let's take a look at the product images. This is because your customers see the images directly. Accordingly, the optimal presentation in this area is important. You should always use a white background and pay attention to a good resolution. In addition, the entire product must be visible. Also, do not show anything that the item does not contain. The exact guidelines for product images can be found in this article.


Every word in the product title should be capitalized. Exceptions are conjunctions and articles. In addition, numbers should be specified as digits and not written out. The maximum length of the title may contain 200 characters. However, information about the price or quantity does not belong in the title. Feel free to write to us briefly and without obligation if you have any further questions about the requirements for product titles.

Brand and manufacturer

When it comes to your brand information, you should make sure that you stand out from your competitors. This applies to both your brand symbol and brand name. For brand and manufacturer name, you are also not allowed to use the name you have specified in your seller account as long as your product is not a private brand.

Bullet Points

In your bullet points, you summarize the most important information about your product very briefly. So state the five most important facts, for example the size, the target group or the warranty. Each bullet point should start with a capital letter but not end with a period. Also, be as specific as possible. Also, refrain from including promotional messages in the bullet points.

Product description

The product description is then used to describe your item in more detail. Repeat the previous points and supplement them with further relevant details. Pay particular attention to spelling and correct grammar. However, contact information does not belong in the product description, nor do advertising messages.

Amazon Full Service Agency

If you need assistance with Amazon sales, you can rely on our services as an Amazon full service agency. We will also help you create the perfect Amazon listing according to the style guide. In addition, we analyze the market for you so that you can get information about your competition and discover new niches. In addition, we support you in customer communication and offer workshops where you can train your own skills. You can find more information about our services here.

That was our brief summary of the Style Guide for an Amazon Listing. Do you have any further questions or need help with Amazon SEO? Then feel free to get in touch with us. We are always available to help and advise you. Feel free to write us a message - of course completely without obligation.

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