January 27, 2023

Why you should use the EFN as a seller

There is news regarding the EFN - the European Fulfillment Network. Namely, sellers can now make sales between the UK and the EU. The EFN works as follows: You store your Prime eligible goods in a logistics center in the UK and can ship from there to the EU and vice versa. Amazon takes care of the delivery. This means you don't have to keep stock on hand at the destination. Thus, you also keep the fees low. In this article, we will go into the requirements for participating in the EFN. We will also show you how the registration process works. Furthermore, we will go into the sales tax regulations.

Participation requirements for the EFN

To participate in EFN, you need access to seller accounts in the EU and UK. You must also use Amazon FBA in both regions. Furthermore, you must have inventory for eligible listings in local logistics centers. In addition, all EU stores must be enabled for export. The affected countries are Germany, Italy, France and Spain.

Registration for the EFN

Now the question remains how to register for the EFN. To activate the EFN, you must first request registration of your eligible listings using the cross-border shipping settings in Seller Central. You will then receive a confirmation email from Amazon. Your shipping program and export settings will then be updated automatically. You can also unsubscribe from EFN at any time. To do so, simply deactivate the respective countries in the cross-border shipping settings.

Pricing and sales tax

Products you sell through the EFN must not cost more than 135 euros or £122. Regarding sales tax, you need to note that you must be registered for sales tax in the country where you sell. For sales under 150 euros, Amazon will show the appropriate sales tax. However, if this amount is exceeded, the buyer is the official importer and must pay import VAT and customs duties.

That was the most important news about the EFN in 2023. Do you still have questions about the eligibility criteria or need help registering for the program? We will be happy to provide you with advice and assistance in this regard. As an Amazon agency, we have years of experience selling on this and other platforms. We can help you with market analysis, advertising or Amazon SEO. Just send us a message - of course without any obligation.

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