November 7, 2022

Why do you need Amazon SAA?

In today's post we would like to explain a few things about Amazon SAA. Amazon SAA is the automation of shipping settings. You can find out what advantages it offers here. We will also show you how to set up Amazon SAA. Last but not least, we will also analyze whether you are covered in case your shipping service provider makes a mistake.

Amazon SAA Advantages

By automating shipping settings (Amazon SAA), you can avoid negative reviews. Without automation, delivery delays are more likely to occur and your customers will be dissatisfied. Accordingly, you then leave a bad review under your product. However, the biggest advantage of Amazon SAA is that the automated settings mean that there are no more delays. Consequently, negative reviews are automatically removed when you use the setting. The automation also ensures that you no longer have to make estimates yourself as to how long the shipment will take. Thus, you save time and effort. Amazon SAA automatically determines the delivery time. Overall, of course, the whole thing leads to an increase in sales on your part. The higher reliability increases the purchase probability of your customers. This in turn leads them to buy from you again. Thirdly, the better performance of your articles increases their visibility within Amazon. If you have more questions about the benefits, feel free to drop us a line!

How to set up Amazon SAA

To set up Amazon SAA, you must first log in to Amazon Seller Central. There you then click on "Settings" and in this area again on "Shipping Settings". Here you then have the option to create a "new shipping template" or edit an existing one. Then click on "Edit". This will activate the automated shipping settings. Next, you will need to specify your shipping locations, shipping providers, and shipping methods. Finally, you need to assign the template to an ASIN.

Are you covered in any case?

We mentioned earlier that Amazon SAA automatically protects you from negative reviews. Now you may wonder what happens if your shipping provider does not meet the announced time. However, if you have observed the following things, you don't have to worry: you have to send the shipment on time yourself. Also, you must provide a valid tracking number. Additionally, if you select a shipping method that complies with Amazon SAA when confirming the shipment, you won't have to worry about any negative feedback.

This was our contribution to the topic Amazon SAA or automation of shipping settings. Do you still have questions about the individual steps or need help with Amazon optimization? We are happy to help you in this regard with words and deeds. Just send us a message - of course, without any obligation.

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