September 12, 2022

Use Central Europe program at Amazon

As an Amazon Seller from Germany you have the possibility to store your stock in other countries. But why should you do that? External storage saves you time and effort if the shipping location is closer to the logistics center in another country. Therefore, in this article we will explain how you can store via the Central Europe program. In addition, we will introduce you to current promotions that will allow you to save when using the program.

Use Central Europe program in Poland and Czech Republic

If you participate in the Central Europe program, you can benefit from storage in other countries such as Poland and the Czech Republic. Both countries have significantly expanded their capacities over the last seven years. In addition, you can make tidy savings on shipping: Currently, the discount per unit amounts to 26 cents. According to Amazon, the distribution of goods in different countries serves to better cushion the burden of sales peaks. This mainly refers to sales events like Prime Day or Black Friday. A corresponding overview of the most important events from the 2022 event calendar can be found in this article. Sales figures have also been driven by the pandemic in recent years.

Why should you use the program

The Central Europe program ensures that you have sufficient inbound and storage volume. You can check this in Seller Central. Click there on "Stock" and in this area again on "Stock planning". There you will find the "Seller performance".

Current promotions

Currently there are promotions that allow you to save when using the Central Europe program. One promotion offers you a discount of €0.50 per unit. The promotion runs from September 9 to February 28, 2023, during which time you must register accordingly for storage in Poland and the Czech Republic. Consequently, with 5000 items sold, you can save up to 3800 €.

The second promotion is related to sales tax registration. If you have stock in other countries, you must of course follow the respective sales tax regulations. With the promotion you can save 1000 € per country.

That was the most important info on how you can use the Central Europe program for Amazon logistics centers in Poland and the Czech Republic. Do you still have questions about the program or need help with Amazon SEO? We will be happy to assist you in this regard. Just send us a message - of course without any obligation.

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