April 29, 2022

Use Amazon Global Selling for worldwide sales

Amazon has several programs that allow sellers to sell their products in other countries. These include, for example, Pan-European Shipping or Amazon Global Logistics. To show you another way to sell internationally, we would like to introduce Amazon Global Selling in this post. First, we'll look at the main contents of the program. After that, we will go through the most important steps in Amazon Global Selling. Furthermore, we'll shed some light on the advantages of selling in three sample regions.

Why Amazon Global Selling?

The sales program helps Amazon Sellers grow faster internationally. Other countries have different seasonal sales peaks. You can use these to sell a particularly large number of products in the respective country. This allows you to compensate for weaker periods in your home country, for example.

Amazon Global Selling Guide

With Amazon Global Selling, the first thing you need to do is determine which country you want to sell in. You also need to choose the right products. Products that are successful in one country may not necessarily be so in another. For international sales, you also need to deal with the relevant tax regulations. After you have completed these preliminary considerations, you can register with Amazon Global Selling. Make sure you have the appropriate translations ready for the international marketplaces. If you are still looking for qualified translators, you can find the relevant info here. After registering and optimizing your listings, you need to take care of shipping. Here you can decide whether shipping should be done via Amazon or whether you should take over this task yourself. Alternatively, you can also hire a shipping service provider. In the next step, you need to take care of customer support. Amazon provides a service for this as well. You can find more details about this in this article.

Which countries are particularly important

Finally, we would like to show you the advantages of selling in some countries. By selling in North America, you can benefit from the special events, such as Thanksgiving, that lead to great sales there. Another plus is that you can set up an American account in Seller Central. This will then allow you to conveniently switch between marketplaces. Moreover, you can benefit from functioning logistics systems in North America. Another interesting country for Amazon Global Selling is Japan. This is because the vast majority of Japanese buy goods online. You can also reach many new customers in Australia. Online retailing has grown particularly rapidly there in recent years.

That was our contribution to Amazon Global Selling. Do you still have questions about the program or need help with Amazon optimization? We are happy to help you in this regard with words and deeds. Just send us a message - of course, without any obligation.

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