March 3, 2021

Trello: How to organise your projects

We have already introduced you to two tools that Amazon Seller can use to optimise their project management. To give you an even better overview of the most useful project management softwares, we will show you what Trello is all about! Accordingly, we will highlight the most important functions of the project management tool. We also inform you about the costs of Trello and share our own experiences with you.

The Trello functions

The numerous Trello functions help you to keep track of your project. So first we show you how to use the Trello Board and we go into the functions it has to offer. We also talk about communication and organisation within a team and the many integrations of the software, which in the case of Trello are called "Power-Ups".

What is the Trello Board?

In the Trello Board, you can find out about current projects within a very short time. In addition, the lists offer a way to organise upcoming work. In addition, there are cards in a board. These serve to briefly present a task or idea. In addition, you can insert cards into lists after they have been created. With Trello, you can also delete cards at any time. In the board menu, administration is again in first place.

How to create a board?

To create a Trello board, you need to select either "Create new board" or "+". You then have to define a name for the new board. Then you can add as many lists and cards as you like that serve the organisation. Once you have completed these steps, you can invite team members and include them in your project. Three different privacy settings ensure that you always pay attention to data protection with Trello.

Board functions

You can use Trello to track tasks. This is to ensure that your team members complete all tasks by a certain deadline. Apart from this, there are everyday processes that are not tied to specific projects but can also be tracked via Trello. For this purpose, you can use, for example, the mentioned cards and lists. In the boards, you can also save important information and documents for later use. Furthermore, it is possible to create a board in which you give all employees an overview of various work processes so that they know how far a project has progressed. Trello also offers you the possibility of exchange within a team by allowing you to plan meetings in a very uncomplicated way. By the way, you can combine all these functions with each other.


A particularly important aspect of communication on Trello is the goal you give out. This allows you to carry a significant part of the motivation that encourages your team to work. As usual, you address other employees by combining the respective name with the "@" sign. You can also mark tasks as "Done" and add members to specific tasks.

Organisation in the team

When organising within a project, you can firstly define who has access to the work process. In addition, you can use integrations, which will be discussed in more detail in the next section. To distribute the task load, you can also select additional administrators who can add or remove members.


The Trello integrations or "power-ups" ensure that you are even more broadly positioned than through the standard functions of the software. For example, you can add a calendar, integrate Google Drive or install Microsoft Teams. The huge selection of integrations sets you almost no limits.

Trello App

In addition to the standard view in your web browser, you can use Trello as an app on mobile devices or your PC. For Apple users, there is therefore an iOS app for iPhones and an app for Macs. Android users, on the other hand, can download Trello from the Google Play Store. In addition, Microsoft offers the software as an app for Windows users.

Trello Prices

There are three different Trello offerings, each with different features. To make your decision easier, we have summarised the most important information for you:

  • Free: free of charge
  • Business Class: $9.99 per user per month
  • Enterprise: $17.50 per user per month

The "Free" offer includes the standard functions of the software. These include 10 boards per team and any number of cards and lists. However, the size of attachments is limited to 10 MB. With the "Trello Business Class", on the other hand, there is no board limit and attachments of up to 250 MB can be sent. In addition, you receive faster support and can use additional functions, such as for monitoring. The price in the "Enterprise" offer is based on a number of employees of 20. If your team is even larger, the price is reduced accordingly.

Our Trello experience

We have tested Trello for you and would like to share our conclusion with you: Overall, the possibility of a clear organisation within the individual boards speaks for the project management tool. In this respect, there were no comprehension problems and we were able to familiarise ourselves with the software quickly. The integrations, which should be part of the standard repertoire of a project management tool, also convinced us. The option to restrict access to certain areas is also worthy of special mention, whereby Trello ensures sufficient data protection. All in all, we can highly recommend the tool for working on projects related to the Amazon business.

That was the most important information on project organisation with the Trello software. Do you have any further questions about project management or need help with Amazon SEO? Then please feel free to contact us. We are always available to give you advice and support. Feel free to send us a message – without any obligation, of course.

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