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July 18, 2022
Amazon packaging guidelines: This is what sellers have to consider

Take the product out of the warehouse, pack it and ship it to the customer or the logistics center - that's the end of the Amazon order. But it's not quite that simple. Sellers have to observe one or two guidelines when preparing and shipping shipments. In this article, we will show you which Amazon packaging guidelines exist. We will also show you a provider where you can order personalized packaging for your products.

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May 27, 2022
Personalized packaging with Packhelp

In this article we would like to introduce you to a provider that might be interesting especially for private label sellers. It is about Packhelp. Packhelp ensures that sellers can create personalized packaging. Since this is possible even in small quantities, even small sellers who have just started their business can benefit from the packaging service. With that in mind, we'll first go over what packaging is available in the first place. Then, we'll look at design options. In addition, we'd like to shed some light on what's behind Packhelp Plus. Finally, we'll take a look at sustainability at Packhelp.

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