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September 12, 2022
Use Central Europe program at Amazon

As an Amazon Seller from Germany you have the possibility to store your stock in other countries. But why should you do that? External storage saves you time and effort if the shipping location is closer to the logistics center in another country. Therefore, in this article we will explain how you can store via the Central Europe program. In addition, we will introduce you to current promotions that will allow you to save when using the program.

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June 8, 2022
Advantages for sellers in the Amazon Central Europe program

This week, Amazon news revolves around the Central Europe program. We show you what changes have been made to this program recently. We also highlight the various advantages that sellers have as a result. In this context, we also inform you about promotions that are currently running. In addition, there will be changes to the donation program for FBA products in the UK in June 2022. Here you can find out exactly what this involves.

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