September 30, 2022

Submit exclusive Prime discounts to Amazon

Amazon has announced that there will be an event later this fall for which you can submit exclusive Prime discounts. While the date is not yet known, it doesn't hurt to start looking at how you do this now. You can submit the coupons and discounts for the marketplaces in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Spain. First, we'll show you which ASIN recommendations Amazon itself gives. In addition, it is about the conditions for Prime discounts and coupons. We also give the respective instructions for this.

ASIN recommendations

Amazon has published the following ASINs as recommendations for the exclusive Prime discounts:

ASIN Country
B0198F4QKW Germany
B0198F4VZC Germany
B0B1N3R85C Germany
B0198F4ZBM Germany
B0095GMT5E France
B01892HO04 France
B00C9ZFNNS Italy
B07PKQ5JBT Italy


Learn how to submit coupons and Prime discounts for these ASINs in the next sections.

Exclusive Prime discounts

Prime exclusive discounts are about sellers placing their products in search results, shopping cart and listing pages. The offers are then available there for Prime customers. You can create exclusive Prime discounts in the seller account under the "Advertising" section. However, you need to meet some requirements for this. The minimum discount for an item must be greater than or equal to 10 percent in relation to the current price. Also, a reference price must be visible. Of course, the item must also be a product that is eligible for Amazon Prime. Moreover, your merchant rating should be at least 4/5. All products must also be in mint condition and have a rating of at least 3.5.

How to submit exclusive Prime discounts

To begin, you need to go to this link. There you can then create a corresponding offer. You also need to confirm that it is a discount for the fall event. Then you need to save the whole thing and fill out the upload form. By the way, you will also specify the price there. An important difference with Prime exclusive offers is that you can't have any overlaps with lightning deals or top offers.


The latter rule does not apply to coupons. They are digital discounts. Here, too, there are some requirements that you must observe. The discount must be at least 5 percent for coupons. However, Amazon recommends that the discount is at least 15 percent. You also need a rating of 3 stars or higher. The term can be up to 3 months.

How to submit coupons

You can submit coupons via this link. There you need to select "create a new coupon". After you have assigned an ASIN, you need to set the minimum discount and give the coupon a name. You will also need to specify a budget. After that you are ready to go!

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