March 3, 2021

Project management tools comparison: Meistertask vs. Asana vs. Trello

In the last few weeks, we have introduced you to some tools who support Amazon Sellers in the implementation of projects. To help you choose the right software, this article compares project management tools. We compare the most important features of Meistertask, Asana and Trello. Finally, we draw a conclusion from our analysis and give our personal recommendation! By the way, you can find detailed articles on the individual tools in our blog.

Master task

Meistertask is characterised above all by its ease of use. This is made possible by the clearly arranged boards, which serve to store relevant information. In addition, all participants can get an overview of the current progress of a project within seconds via the boards. The work limits, which optimise working time and thus generate greater productivity, are also particularly innovative. Task distribution is also integrated into the software. You can review the work process at any time and make changes to your strategy if necessary. In addition, you receive reports, which you can also conveniently download. With Meistertask, administrators have numerous options to control the management of a project.

Direct communication is also ensured using the "@" sign. Furthermore, there are plenty of integrations available to you that expand your scope. Even when you are on the road, you can always keep up to date with your project thanks to the Meistertask app. Another insider tip is the transfer of data from a project management tool that you used before Meistertask.

Finally, we come to the price: With 8.25 euros per month, you can use Meistertask at a very reasonable price. For optimal project management without restrictions, however, the business tariff for 20.75 euros per month is better suited. For beginners, there is also a free version with limited functions.


The coordination of projects in Asana is similar to that in Meistertask. You can distribute tasks and determine which employees are responsible for them. Asana is characterised by the differentiation of the task sections. You can also motivate your employees with the help of the software. Here, too, your team has access to shared data that everyone needs. However, if you want to restrict access, the extensive features that are only available to administrators make this possible. Communication also runs like in Meistertask via the salutation with "@". There is also no shortage of integrations, such as Dropbox or Google Drive. In addition, an Asana app is available for Apple, Android and Windows users. In terms of price, Asana is somewhat more expensive than Meistertask. The cheapest offer costs you 13.49 per month. The business offer is also more expensive at 30.49 euros. A free version is also available.


Finally, we come to the third provider in our project management tools comparison. Trello offers its users an overview with the help of boards. These function in the same way as in Meistertask and serve to monitor the progress of work. In addition to the boards, there are so-called cards and lists in which information can be inserted. As with Meistertask and Asana, communication takes place by combining the "@" sign with the name of a team member. Trello also provides you with integrations. These are called "power-ups" in the software, but they are very similar extensions, such as Google Drive or Microsoft Teams. To check your projects on the go, Trello also offers an app that you can download for your Windows, Android or Apple devices.

As far as prices are concerned, Trello is slightly cheaper than Meistertask and Asana. The Trello Business Class costs $9.99 per month, while you have to pay $17.50 for the Enterprise offer. You can also use it free of charge via the "Free" offer.


Some time ago, we compared four different Amazon tools with each other in this blog. While the winner emerged early on, the decision was a little more difficult this time. Meistertask as well as Asana and Trello convinced us with their really good features. Meistertask is particularly easy to use and combines all functions into one powerful unit. With Asana, we were particularly impressed by the division of the work steps and Trello also scored points with its useful functions and integrations. In addition, all three providers have their own app. Overall, however, Meistertask convinced us the most. Although the tool costs more than Trello, it is cheaper than Asana. In our opinion, Meistertask's business tariff is the offer that helps both beginners and advanced sellers the most and is therefore the winner in our comparison!

That was our project management tools comparison. We hope that we have helped you to choose the right software. If you also need help with the implementation of projects or with Amazon SEO, please feel free to contact us. We are always available to give you advice and support. Feel free to send us a message – without any obligation, of course.

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