February 15, 2023

Pan-European shipping at Amazon: Advantages and challenges

Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce companies in the world and offers its sellers the opportunity to sell their products with pan-European shipping in several European countries. This service is an important aspect of selling online with Amazon and has both benefits and challenges.

Advantages of pan-European shipping at Amazon

Pan-European shipping on Amazon offers sellers the chance to expand their customer base. This increases their reach, which can lead to more sales and profits. In addition, pan-European shipping simplifies order management, as sellers only need to have a single warehouse for multiple countries instead of maintaining a separate warehouse for each country. In addition, pan-European shipping reduces logistical challenges as orders are automatically routed to the nearest location, reducing delivery times.

Challenges of pan-European shipping at Amazon

However, pan-European shipping also comes with some challenges. For example, sellers must deal with the complex tax and customs regulations of each country in which they want to sell their products. This can take time and resources, and can lead to mistakes if sellers have not familiarized themselves sufficiently with the regulations. Sellers also need to be able to present their products in different languages and currencies to attract potential customers. Delivery costs can also be unforeseen expenses if not properly planned for.


Overall, pan-European shipping on Amazon offers sellers a great opportunity to expand their customer base and increase sales. However, it is important to note the challenges.


The European Fulfillment Network (EFN) may also be of interest to you. The EFN now offers the opportunity for sales between the United Kingdom and the European Union. To participate, sellers must have access to seller accounts in both regions and use Amazon FBA. Registration is done through cross-border shipping settings in Seller Central and a confirmation email will be sent from Amazon. Sales through the EFN must not cost more than 135 euros or £122. Regarding sales tax, sellers must be registered in the country of sale, and sales below 150 euros will be subject to Amazon sales tax. If the amount exceeds this value, the buyer must pay import VAT and customs duties.

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