October 11, 2021

Helium 10 Xray Walmart: How to use the tool

In this blog, we've already covered the benefits of selling at Walmart. Since Helium 10 has customized its tools specifically to help Walmart sellers in the best way possible, we'd now like to show you how to specifically go about it. First, let's take a look at Helium 10 Xray Walmart. In doing so, we'll go over the most important things to keep in mind when using the tool. We'll also clarify how much the whole thing costs. Furthermore, we want to share our own experiences with you.

How to use Helium 10 Xray Walmart

Before we begin, you should check that you have the latest version of Helium 10. You also need to have the Chrome Extension installed. You can find the corresponding instructions in this post. It's best to add the Chrome Extension to your taskbar. After that, you can start using the tool for Walmart.

Open Walmart.com       

Once you have completed the steps above, you can visit Walmart.com. There, you will then need to search for a product that you are particularly interested in. After that, click on the Helium 10 icon. This will open up a menu where you need to click on Xray. Now you will be shown relevant data about the products you are looking for. Among other things, you will learn more about the search volume. In addition, you get data on sales or can compare the products on Walmart and Amazon. Furthermore, the tool shows you which suppliers come into question for you.


Another useful feature is a list of keywords that match Walmart products. These are essential for successful search engine optimization. If you want to learn more about SEO, you can find more details here. However, Xray for Walmart gives you less data than the version for Amazon, since the tool is still in beta.

Save data and filter options

In addition to keyword data, you can also analyze the historical search volume. You can look at the last month or even the whole year. There are no limits set for you. You can also save the data on your PC afterwards. The search results can also be narrowed down using various filters. This is recommended because otherwise you can easily be overwhelmed by the abundance of results. One difference, by the way, is that sponsored products are not displayed at Walmart the way they are on Amazon.

Helium 10 Xray Prices

If you use Xray for Walmart as part of the Helium 10 Chrome Extension in the free version of the software*, you can run up to 50 searches. The same is true for the Starter plan. Also, the tool is included in the following offers:

  • Platinum Plan: $99 per month
  • Diamond Plan: $249 per month
  • Elite Plan: $399 per month

If you want to save money when using Helium 10, we also have a tip for you: With our Helium 10 code KATRIN6M20 you can save 20 % for 6 months or 10% every month! You can find all the information here*.

Our experience

We took a look at Xray for Walmart for you and can draw a positive conclusion overall. Of course, we have not yet been able to familiarize ourselves with all the functions, but the operation seems just as simple as in the counterpart for Amazon. Accordingly, the data that Xray provides is just as relevant and will help you optimize your online business. We can therefore highly recommend Xray to you.

That was all the important information about Helium 10 Xray for Walmart. Do you have any further questions about Helium 10 or Amazon Optimization in general? Then feel free to get in touch with us. We are always at your side with advice and action. Feel free to write us a message - of course, completely without obligation.

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