April 14, 2021

GTIN number for Amazon listing: How to correct hidden listings

Recently, Amazon has made its sellers aware that GTINs must be provided for items in most categories. If a product does not have a GTIN, Amazon will remove it. In this article, we would like to explain how to proceed if one of your products has been removed for this reason. We would also like to discuss the changes in the percentage sales charges.

What to do if the GTIN number is invalid?

If your GTIN number is invalid, your Amazon listing will first disappear from the marketplace. To see if any of your items are affected, you can look for invalid GTINs under "Correct products". There, your products will be displayed as either "Endangered" or "Inactive". In the next step, it is advisable to contact Amazon directly. This way you can send in a power of attorney or a licence agreement. The message should include the name and address of the rights holder of your trademark. It should also include details of the manufacturer and the seller. You should check these against your own details in Seller Central. The last thing you need to include is a GS1 certificate. GTINs should always be purchased directly from GS1. This will ensure that everything is done correctly. You can also purchase EANs and UPCs through GS1.

If you are not yet familiar with these terms, we have a post here with various Amazon product IDs for you. You can also find out how to apply for an exemption from making product IDs.

Percentage sales charges and new product types

On 8 June, the percentage sales charge will be adjusted. At the same time, the fees for shipping by Amazon will also be changed. You will find an article in our blog shortly in which we will present the most important changes. You can also find out more about the new promotion concerning the reduction of the percentage sales fee for bicycle accessories here.

That was the most important Amazon news this week. Do you have any questions about the GTIN or do you need general help with your Amazon business? We will be happy to provide you with help and advice in this regard. Simply send us a message - without obligation, of course.

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