November 26, 2021

Go global as an Amazon Seller with SPACEGOATS

For many Amazon sellers who have already established themselves on the sales platform, the next logical step is to expand to other international marketplaces. However, this can be a major challenge, as each market has its own rules and various barriers make global sales difficult. Accordingly, it pays to work with a reliable partner when going international. In this article we would like to introduce you to the company "SPACEGOATS". In doing so, we will go into detail about the services that SPACEGOATS offers its customers. We will also inform you about the price range and the price packages. But first, let's take a look at what SPACEGOATS is all about.


SPACEGOATS was founded in 2019 as a start-up in Stuttgart. The company stands for ambition and freedom, which is offered to customers. The main goal is to help Amazon Sellers with their internationalization. In addition, many things are automated. This process is otherwise difficult, as the effort and costs can be immense. By the way: The expansion to the American Amazon market is already in sight.


SPACEGOATS helps its customers to take off internationally. In doing so, they address not only established companies, but also those that were previously only active locally and on a smaller scale. To ensure global sales, SPACEGOATS uses the pan-European shipping network. The tax registration in foreign countries, which is otherwise a big bureaucratic and cost effort, is also omitted, because SPACEGOATS itself is registered there. In addition, you do not have to worry about customer communication and accounting. However, you retain full control: Via the "Galaxy" you can monitor all details of your online sales at any time.


In addition to internationalization, SPACEGOATS focuses on automation. This means that numerous tedious tasks from your everyday life as an FBA seller are taken away from you. Among other things, the software creates automatic invoices and takes care of your advertising. Customer communication is also handled automatically. You also don't have to worry about empty warehouses, as they are always replenished when needed. Furthermore, SPACEGOATS takes care of your tax affairs automatically and provides you with up-to-date business analyses.

Other features

Another time-saver is that you don't have to go through the process of registering with Amazon first, as SPACEGOATS does this for you and handles everything through one central account. If you want to change your name, SPACEGOATS also protects you and ensures that your sales figures remain high. You also have the option of booking additional services through the company. For example, you can book professional photographers to ensure that your product images comply with Amazon guidelines.


At SPACEGOATS there are three different price offers. It all depends on where and on how many marketplaces you want to sell. In addition, the offers are cheaper if you already have an Amazon Seller account:

  • Single marketplace
    • 149 Euro per month (199 Euro without seller account)
  • PAN-EU Marketplaces
    • 249 Euro per month (299 Euro without Seller Account)
  • International marketplaces
    • 349 Euro per month (399 without Seller Account)

For 149 euros per month, you can also create an account backup. This allows you to reactivate one of your listings immediately in the event that it is deactivated. You can register with SPACEGOATS via this link. You can also use our code MadeByGoats2021 to save the set up fee when you register. So don't forget to mention the code when you contact SPACEGOATS.

What's the deal with the price packages?

Now we would like to explain in more detail what you can expect in the different price packages. In principle, you have access to all SPACEGOATS services. These include customer communication, access to the Space Market and Dashboard and the sales statistics there. In addition, you have the possibility to control the delivery quantity. In addition, the invoicing process is taken care of. Finally, SPACEGOATS takes care of the licensing of your packaging abroad. So much for the similarities. The differences are primarily about the Amazon marketplaces you sell on. If you choose the "Single Marketplace" offer, you will have to choose between these countries:

  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • Poland

With the "PAN-EU Marketplaces" offer, you can again decide whether you want to select only one or even several marketplaces. The special thing about the third offer "International Marketplaces" is that you can even sell your items in all the countries mentioned.

What you need at the beginning

If you want to open an account with SPACEGOATS, there are a few things you need to consider: First, you must have a sales tax ID and own a registered business. Also, your products must be FBA compliant. If that doesn't mean anything to you, you can read more about Amazon FBA here. What is also required is an EAN a TARIC code and a registered trademark. You can find out how to register your trademark with Amazon here. Furthermore, it is desirable, but not mandatory, if the building blocks for your listing are already in place.


SPACEGOATS has managed to become a reliable service provider for Amazon sellers in a very short time. The specialisation in international markets has led to more than 200 sellers already working with the company. The broad range of services and the numerous Amazon marketplaces available are thoroughly convincing. We can therefore warmly recommend SPACEGOATS to you. So if you are interested in signing up, you can find more information here. And don't forget to enter our code "MadeByGoats2021" to save the set-up fee.

That was our contribution to SPACEGOATS, your partner for international sales on Amazon. Do you have any further questions about the various services or need help with Amazon optimization? Then feel free to contact us. We are always ready to help and advise you. Feel free to send us a message - without obligation, of course.

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