May 20, 2022

Get fresh food delivered to your home with Amazon Fresh

On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of Amazon Fresh, we have already reported on the grocery delivery program. Now we would like to shed more light on what Amazon Fresh is all about. Therefore, we briefly explain which products you can buy and in which cities the program is available. We also go into detail about delivery times and prices.

What is Amazon Fresh?

At Amazon Fresh, customers can choose from a huge selection of fresh products and have them delivered to their homes or workplaces. The product range extends from fruit and meat to baked goods or items for the household. Even if you have a certain diet, you can find vegan or lactose-free foods at Amazon Fresh. In addition, you can find recipe ideas on the website.

Where is Amazon Fresh available?

Amazon Fresh is currently available in four German cities. These include Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, as well as Potsdam. The program has been running since 2017, and there has been tremendous growth since then. Accordingly, there are 25 times more customers in 2022 than 5 years ago. Although there are still very few locations, you can also use Amazon Fresh if you live in the outskirts of the cities and have the groceries delivered to your office.

How fast does Amazon Fresh deliver?

Due to the ever-increasing competition among food suppliers, the delivery times at Amazon Fresh have been reduced more and more. After placing an order, it usually takes 3 hours for the delivery to reach its destination in Berlin, Munich and Potsdam. In Hamburg, on the other hand, it takes a little longer. For a surcharge, customers can receive deliveries after just one hour.

How much does Amazon Fresh cost?

On average, customers order about 25 to 30 products from Amazon Fresh. This way, you can either do all of your weekly shopping or reduce the effort immensely. Prime members do not have to pay any delivery costs for an order value of 80 euros. Otherwise, a delivery with Amazon Fresh costs 1.99 euros from an order value of 20 euros. For a reduced delivery time of one hour, you pay 1.99 euros for an order value > 80 euros and 4.99 for an order value > 20 euros.

All you need to know about Amazon Fresh. Do you have any further questions about the program or perhaps need help with Amazon optimization? Then you are welcome to contact us. We are always ready to help you with words and deeds. Feel free to send us a message - of course completely without obligation.

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