November 21, 2022

FlexClip: Video editing platform

Videos are becoming increasingly important, especially in the e-commerce sector. For example, when product images are complemented by videos, customers have an even better insight into the benefits of an item. It is therefore equally important to use a very good video editing tool. We would therefore like to introduce FlexClip to you. In doing so, we will go into the numerous features of the platform. We will also take a look at the FlexClip prices. Furthermore, we highlight the experiences that customers have had with the tool and show you a possible alternative.

What is FlexClip?

FlexClip is a browser-based video tool that lets you edit your videos conveniently. You can easily use it via Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox. With FlexClip, users have access to numerous great features that are guaranteed to help you get the most out of your video footage. Accordingly, the tool is perfectly suitable for marketing purposes. You can also create videos about real estate, news or tutorials. We will introduce you to the most important features in the next sections.

Key features

Among the most important features in FlexClip are the numerous possibilities to include animations in the videos. Besides, there is a huge selection of media that you can use without a license. You'll also have access to a screen and webcam recorder. And the best part is that you can even try FlexClip for free.

Animations, music and more

With FlexClip you can really let off steam creatively! Text elements can be dynamically inserted into videos. You can also combine images into slideshows or create GIFs. In addition, you have the option to integrate your own watermark for your company into a video. Of course, you can also insert special music. Especially for Instagram reels or TikToks, choosing the right soundtrack is essential.


If you are still unsure about content creation, FlexClip has the appropriate templates. For example, there is the "Advertising and Sales" section, which is especially suitable for online retailers. In addition, you can use lifestyle templates. Also popular are the templates for intros and outros, which every longer video should have. You can use these and many other templates for free at FlexClip.

Royalty free media

In FlexClip Media Library, you can access a huge repertoire of media content. There is a dedicated stock photo library that you can use for slideshows, for example. There are also videos for which you don't have to pay any license fees. The same goes for music, by the way.

Screen and webcam recorder

The biggest advantage of FlexClip's screen recorder is that you don't need to install any additional software for it. Just open the web browser and you're ready to go! Your privacy is also protected in the best possible way, since the company itself does not have access to your video footage. Furthermore, you can also use this tool for free.

FlexClip prices

In addition to the Free Plan, FlexClip has three other pricing plans. For example, in the Basic plan for $9.99 per month, you can download HD quality videos and use one stock video per project. The videos can also have a length of 3 minutes. However, the most popular offer is the Plus plan for $19.99 per month. There, you can even download videos in full HD and use up to 5 stock videos. The video length here can also be a full 10 minutes instead of 3 minutes - ideal for informative YouTube videos. As with the Basic plan, you also have your own watermark for your videos. Finally, the Business Plan for $29.99 per month allows you to use an unlimited amount of stock footage and you can create videos up to 30 minutes long. Below you can find an overview of all price plans:

FlexClip Pricing

FlexClip experiences

Customers have had mostly positive experiences with FlexClip. They particularly emphasize the ease of use and the wide range of options for creating videos. In addition, many users praise the fact that they can create extremely professional videos with the tool within a very short time. We have also tested FlexClip for you and can definitely agree with the generally very positive feedback. If you are still looking for a video tool, we can highly recommend FlexClip!

FlexClip alternative

An alternative to FlexClip is InVideo. The tool is a bit more expensive than FlexClip, but you can edit longer videos with it. Otherwise, it offers very similar features for video editing, intros, outros, etc. In addition, you can also test InVideo for free. However, if you are looking for a cheaper option to create short videos, FlexClip is the right choice.

This was our blog post about FlexClip, one of the best tools for video creation and editing. Do you have any questions about the main features or would you like to register for free with FlexClip? We will be happy to help you in this regard. Just send us a message - without any obligation, of course.

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